Jamia alumnus Faisal Breaks 7th Guinness World Record for his Strongest Memory

Tezpur, Assam: Delhi based Muhammad Faisal broke the 7th Guinness World Record at The Assam Valley School, Tezpur, Assam on 15th September, 2018.

Mr. Muhammad Faisal who already holds four Guinness World Records for his strongest memory attempted 7th Guinness World Record at The Assam Valley School, Tezpur, Assam under the category Most Golden Globes – ‘Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy’ winners identified by year in one minute. The previous world record under this category was 20.

Dr. Vinita B Singh, Dr. Bhuban Chandra Barooah and Prof. Dr. DhanapatiDeka were the official witness of the record attempt. While Mr. Pradeep Borthakur and Mr. GopeshDas were the official time keepers.

During the start of the attempt, Prof. Dr. DhanapatiDeka read out the rules of the record attempt. Then, Mr. Muhammad Faisal recalled all the names of Most Golden Globes – ‘Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy’ winners from 1952 to 2017 in both forward and reverse order and amazed the audience for his extraordinary memory skills. After that, all the three witnesses randomized the list using the online tool random.org which was recommended as per the guidelines of the Guinness World Recordsand print out taken out and distributed among all the judges.

When the time keeper PradipBorthakur gave the start command from 3 to 1, Dr. Vinita B Singh started asking questions to Muhammad Faisal, while other two witnesses were verifying the answers given by Mr. Muhammad Faisal. All the questions were comprising of year name and Mr. Faisal answered all the movie names related to that corresponding year, like 1959 – Some Like it Hot, etc.

Mr. Muhammad Faisal made 6 attempts for the same category. During the first attempt, he answered 25 questions in one minute, during the second attempt he answered 26 names in one minute, during the third attempt he answered 25 names in one minute, during the fourth attempt he answered 32 names in one minute, and in sixth attempt he answered 28 names correctly. However, the 5 attempt went wrong due to asking the wrong question by the witness Vineeta Singh. So, the final measurement was 32.

The complete video recording has done and will be sent to Guinness World Records for verification, if everything seems to be alright then, Mr. Faisal will receive the certificate after 3 months.

 The program was started at 4 PM and ended at 6.30 PM. The complete record attempt event program was organized in Association with Brain Next Foundation. Mr. Mohd. FaroukhAlam was the chief guest of the event, while Mr. Anand Sharma, and Dr. Lakshmi Goswami were the guest of honor. While anchoring was done by Ms. Pooja Jain and program coordinator was Mr. Moses.

And, It must be noted that Mr. Muhammad Faisal has attempted two more Guinness World Record under the categories “Most Formula One World Drivers’ Champions Identified by year in one minute” and “Most best picture Oscar winners identified by year in one minute” and result of these two records will be announced on 15th and 23rd October respectively.

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