Jamia Alumni at Riyadh institute six scholarships

A delegation of the Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni Association, Riyadh Chapter called on the Vice Chancellor, Prof Talat Ahmad yesterday to present a cheque in connection with the institution of six scholarships for meritorious students. The delegation consisted of Mr. Ghizal Mahdi, President, Mr Laique Azmi, Engrr Sultan Ahmad, Mr. Najeeb Qasmi and Mr. Syed Saif , senior alumni from Riyadh. The Dean, Students Welfare, Registrar, Finance Officer and Prof Zubair Meenai along with Deputy Coordinator, Alumni Affairs were also present.

The President of the JMIAA, Riyadh Chapter, Mr Ghizal Mahdi gave a brief introduction of the activities of the association and appreciated the efforts of the Vice Chancellor for engaging with the alumni. The Vice Chancellor assured all help to the alumni in maintaining the ties with the institution. The Vice Chancellor informed the delegation that the university. would soon launch the Jamia Global Alumni Network and sought the cooperation of alumni in registering themselves on the portal. The modalities for the institution of six scholarships by the JMIAA, Riyadh were discussed and finalised. The President, Mr.  Ghizal Mahdi presented a cheque for the scholarship fund to the Vice Chancellor. These six scholarships would be awarded to meritorious students. Two of the scholarships are to be awarded to students of Jamia School, while four would be awarded to Jamia school students who secure admission in professional courses in Jamia and maintain their merit.

On this occasion, the directory of alumni in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia published by the JMIAA, Riyadh was also presented to the Vice Chancellor who appreciated the efforts of the association. This directory consists of updated information on close to 600 Jamia alumni located at various places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It contains articles by prominent Jamiaites highlighting the history and unique culture of Jamia in Urdu, Hindi and English. The delegation also impressed upon the Vice Chancellor to institute special modules / courses highlighting the special legacy and culture of the Jamia as part of a compulsory academic programme so that the future generation of Jamia students would be aware of its uniqueness.

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