Hyphenated Identities; Right or Wrong?

Now-a-days everything goes viral on social networking sites with a blink. It has become one of the fastest mode of Mass Communication Worldwide. Recently, Rajiv Satyal’s short speech of 2:13 minutes titled “I am Indian” fierced the internet. Nearly 4 lacs people have seen it.

This speech is all about the Indian living in America. It has enthralled the viewer with the feeling of patriotism. This swirling will never stop especially when we try to establish our own identity on other land. We Indians mould our self with environment. Though this a good sign but , this is adversely affecting us as we are losing our own identity. Through this video , Satyal is saying that he is tired of the labels like South Asian , East Asian , Asians , Brown etc.

His initial woe gives way to gratify about the achievements of Indian on our land as well as worldwide. He proudly added that among every six people one is Indian on this planet.

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