How To: Dealing with Arrogant Teachers

Dealing with arrogant people is hard, and also inevitable in life. What makes it even harder is when the arrogant person you’re dealing with is your teacher. So how should you, a subordinate, handle the situation? Here is a list of what your approach should be.

  • Understand the reason behind the arrogance
    Have you ever wondered why your teacher is being mean? Is he/she behaving like that just with you or with other students as well? Your first step should be to analyze the situation. If you feel like you’re being personally attacked, politely inquire in private if there is a reason for the same. You will be surprised how many conflicts arise simply because of a miscommunication and how they can be easily solved by talking.
  • Be secure about yourself.
    When you’re proud of the work you’re doing and feel secure about your own self, the harsh words of arrogant authorities will never harm you. Yes, they will probably do everything in their power to humiliate you, but once they see how it has no effect they are sure to just give up. So hold your head up high and don’t be ashamed of yourself if you’ve done nothing wrong.
  • Don’t argue!
    When you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, you might lose your temper and want to argue with your teacher. This is always a bad idea. Not because you shouldn’t express your opinion, but because arrogant people are sure to take it a challenge to drag you down to their level. Also, it may lead them to behave in an even worse manner with you. Whenever you’re in that situation, control your temper and ask politely where you have made a mistake.
  • Make a stand.
    There is nothing stopping you from gently putting your foot down when you’re absolutely confident that you haven’t been a part of any wrongdoing. Let your teacher know how you feel, and that he/she is not doing right by you. The key is to do this politely. It is understood that sometimes you have to bear the jabs, but remember that it should never be at the cost of your self-respect, because that’s just not worth it.
  • Report to their supervisor.
    Do not be afraid to report to the principal if you feel like you’re being emotionally harassed by the teacher. If a line is being crossed, it is your duty as a student to inform your parents as well. Sometimes it may be due to personal problems of their own or some other mental disturbance like stress. But keep in mind that it does not give them the right to be cruel to students.
  • Don’t let it get to you.
    It is easy to fall into depression and have self-esteem issues when a person, especially one in authority likes a teacher, is constantly trying to put you down. And sometimes even reporting to others doesn’t help. What you need to do now is to cope with the situation the best you can. The good thing is you don’t have to do this alone. Take the help of your friends and your family, and get through this awful phase. In retrospect, you’ll find that it has made you a stronger person and better equipped to deal with other hardships of life.

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