How these two Engineering Girls are working to spread happiness in Delhi

We would very much like to believe that life is a beautiful journey, but the sad reality is that it isn’t easy many times. There are some moments to cherish while some to struggle through.
Just take a second, and think what could possibly be the most difficult task in your life? Completing you assignment…? Getting a good placement…? Finding a suitable life partner…?  The list might go on and on.
But We believe the most difficult of all the things in life is to make others happy! Exactly, working to get smiles on others’ faces even when you have to go through challenging situations is the toughest task one can come across. Most of us belong to the category of people who will prefer following an easier path whenever there is a choice. But there are some people who take the tough way and stand out of the crowd!

And so we talk about ItsOhkay – Companion For Life. ItsOhkay offers magical lessons on designing and living a ‘Great Life’.
ItsOhkay ( is a social initiative taken up by two engineering students Kanika Pasrija and Pragati Agarwal with the aim of spreading smiles all around. Kanika is student from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women Delhi  and Pragati Agarwal is from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology.

They are trying to achieve their goals by taking up the following steps:

  • ItsOhkay provides a section of mentors where one can ask problem related to any domain. It may be related to career, or regarding handling relationships, or anything; just talk to the mentors and feel good!
  • It runs a section called ‘Associations’, which is a wonderful platform for promoting organisations working for social welfare so that people can be encouraged to do something good for the society.
  • The ‘Humans Of ItsOhkay’ section covers inspiring real life experiences.
  • The ‘iCare’ section aims to help the ones in need of blood.
  • A special feature of ‘Secret Messages’ is also there for the purpose of having fun. One can enjoy by sending messages to their friends without revealing their identity.

Besides all the services that they provide on their website, the founders are actively working on offline activities as well. Recently, they had a successful Diwali Donation Drive and now they are planning for an event on Christmas as well. Such people actually celebrate the festivals with their true essence by helping the people who are far from the great celebrations that we have at our homes. ItsOhkay believes that their small consistent actions will one day over time produce tremendous results.It is not easy to take such a step just for spreading smiles and happiness.

According to Kanika and Pragati ”Our passion for ItsOhkay and our bond motivates to work in this direction with great spirit and heartiness”.

Their works proves that ItsOhkay is seriously one’s companion for life, a companion which will help unleash one’s full potential. Life mein kuch bhi ho jaye, ItsOhkay yaar… – indeed! You can connect to ItsOhkay on Facebook as well:
And as their tagline goes “Keep Smiling”, I do wish the same for all! Have a great day!

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