How the youths are transformed to “Saviours”…for saving millions of lives.

How the youths are transformed to “Saviours”…for saving millions of lives.

India, with 650 million youth, is losing over a million lives every year, because of blood shortage. Is it fair enough?
In August, 2014, a tech-entrepreneur and a novelist, Kunal Saraff had his mind hit by the same thoughts when his maternal grandfather was denied blood by the premier hospitals and blood banks. This was when THE SAVIOURS was born.

The idea became a reality when he thought of millions suffer as he did and dreamt of making the nation free from blood shortage by initiating an NGO that’d work for this concern.

Not only did Kunal followed his dream, but made many others follow the same track by introducing an internship programme that allowed youngsters from various colleges join him for the cause. The interns join in at the level 1 to register donors for emergency requirements, followed by the second level wherein they become team leaders. The last level includes the core team duties where they head the respective junior of their teams. In today’s time, operating in four metropolitan cities, , along with a team of 300+ people volunteering for the cause, with a database of 20000+ emergency donors and having arranged over 500 donors in emergency, Kunal and his team are making sure no one dies because of blood unavailability. They have reached over 20 colleges and made youths participate there.
The team, headed by V.P, Manisha Jain in Delhi, started executing blood camps and has conducted over 7 blood camps with a total of 650 blood units in last 6 months.
The Saviours got a special mention in the prestigious novel, “How an iPhone Made Me the Youngest Billionaire” and a documentary film was made on it namely, “The Saviours” by Shivraj Singh.
“When you help others, the universe conspires to help you..!”. A unique Law and a Philosophy is introduced by the said novel, and even proved in their documentary film. The NGO has joined hands to promote this Law through a FB Page with the only aim to bring humanity back.
“Help others, and see the whole universe set aside to help you…” said Kunal, when asked about the troubles in running the organisation. He went through many hurdles, while making this NGO reach the level where it is now in just one and a half year, but he never lost hope and kept working hard. The NGO was recently nominated for the respected, WORLD SUMMIT AWARDS, 2016 and now they are on a mission to have the largest database of emergency blood donors, to convert it into an automated web portal and find donors. This database shall serve the humanity for at least next 40 years.
Kunal, along with working for the nation, is transforming the youth of the country to “Saviours” and saving millions of lives. The NGO is creating leaders to solve a social problem. He has also proposed a scheme to the Hon’ble PM for blood shortage eradication through “Aadhar Initiative”
Its all about One Man…One Vision….Million Lives!


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