How badly IPL betting affects the Indian Cricket??

We all know that the Indian Premier League started off with such pomp, that it almost turned the sport into a glamour park. The colorful teams along with the run rain and cheerleaders dancing to the Indian numbers is surely to keep most of us spell bound. As a matter of fact, we don’t get to see such celebration in sports often. But to make matters more interesting, along with run machines, IPL got itself stuffed into the corruption sandwich with extra cash flavor and political topping. When ICC chairman N. Srinivasan and his relative Gurunath Meiyappan were found guilty in IPL betting case, it was not at all amusing. In the report submitted to the Supreme Court of India by Justice Mudgal committee, 13 people were found guilty which includes the above two. While 9 of the accused are players, he remaining two are- Rajasthan Royals owner Raj Kundra and IPL CEO Sundar Raman. The court have asked the media to not to release the names of the players. Presently, Indian cricket looks like they have appointed thieves for security purposes.
In a country where Cricket is considered as a religion, when corruption charges were imposed on Jadeja and Azharuddin, it was as if several deities were broken and temples destroyed. In 2010, IPL team auction became the villain and Lalit Modi’s job and Sashi Tharoor’s minister post were seized. In 2013, IPL became the antagonist again through the betting cases. After that, many names including Dharasingh Junior came along the way. But in the end, when the case was sneaked into deeply, what came out was a really big shark- N. Srinivasan.
Earlier, when Chennai crime branch investigated the case, the involvement of Srinivasan and Meiyappan were found, but it is said that some higher officials turned the case tables to their favor. The result- crime branch official was transferred. But the Mudgal Committee was beyond Srinivasan’s limits and they did not fall prey into some foul plays. While we all know that this have brought a huge shame for the Indian cricket, BCCI publicly extended their support to Srinivasan for the president elections as if nothing happened. Just being curious, what message does this give about Indian Cricket?
What worries everyone is the current team of India, who are on the way to a tour to Australia. Among the nine players, has someone been already selected for the tour? Will it affect the image of Indian team in the upcoming tour- Yes sir, it definitely will. The corruption incident of 2000 dumped mud on the team deeply and many started to hate cricket. We have arrived at a similar situation, which may possibly reduce the fan base of the game.
For some decades, Indians saw sports synonymous with Cricket. When cricket spread its ray of light all over India, Hockey, the national game of India went blind its awe and power. Football, Volleyball and Athletics were stuttering without being able to grow. When the heavy headed cricket became the dictator with the help of money, and when IPL started in 2007, nobody would have ever expected that, they were voluntarily paving the red carpet for corruption. When late night parties were a privilege, poor audience did not know that they were just being used by the ‘Corruption’ a.k.a Indian Hades, only instead of humans; it was a game going ahead to die. If the current Indian players are involved in the corruption spree, then dear friends, the game is on its way for an Armageddon.
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