How a young Mumbai student continues to outshine elders

Meet Ezekiel Bhaskar, eighteen year undergraduate from Kishinchand Chellaram College in Mumbai student working really hard to improve the lot of farmers in India. Where most of the people blind themselves to not to see the plight of farmers, this young student hasn’t only decided to serve them but also trying to give them the respect which they deserve.
ezekiel-bhaskarAt such a young age, Bhaskar calls himself an Evangelist first and then a musician, a National Level cultural artist, writer, musician & a social worker based in Mumbai. He had started with various esteemed tasks done for the advancement of farmers and now working for almost every weaker and poor section of the society.

His journey as a social worker began with “Farmers Empowerment Campaign” which was launched by Maharashtra CM Shri. Devendra Fadnavis “Farmers Empowerment Campaign”, and became the 1st State level Initiative by him, strengthened with other students in India which has been undertaken by the “Rotaract Club of KC College” in support with “Faith Miracle Educational & charitable Trust”.

He disclosed what struck him to take such a good initiative saying, “There was a question in my 12th Standard Sociology exam paper – ‘Why do farmers commit suicide?’ It moved me to do something for the distraught farmers; who work hard so that we can have proper food! But now they need our help!” Bhaskar stepped out and decide to exactly help them to overcome poverty and gain confidence in occupation. Data reveals that number of farmers committing suicide all over the country increases every other day with a considerable difference. But nothing is done till now to improve their lot as nobody even talks about it publicly.

Apart from it, he is also majorly working for the other social issues that must be resolved collaborating with his senior activists. He is soon going to launch a mega Youth Movement along with a human rights activist Mr. Krishna Gupta that is “Our Vote Not for Sale” Prior to the 2017 Mumbai Elections. This is an awareness initiative to highlight the issue of “Sale of Votes”.

Ezekiel becomes an inspiration for he has been attesting the fact popularity and power isn’t needed to serve humanity but determination and hard work is must. He is a representative of the awakened youth which is less in number but great in charitable acts. India needs such enlightened young generation to make it better and recognized worldwide.

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