Nowadays there is a rat race among news channels to gain maximum TRP. To extract maximum profit, these channels, their websites and FB pages have started picturing obscene contents and nudity. The main motto of journalism is lost under the guise (disguise) of modernity. On their respected websites, the news channels, in order to increase the hitting, take the help of adult content. Almost every third news on website has some strings attached to pornography or the content which is objectionable. The news channels have also found “plagued” with this epidemic. This can be evident from the fact that within the first year of its functioning, the BCCC (Broadcasting Content Complaints Council) received almost half of the complaints of its total related to obscene scenes and nudity. When investigated further, it was found that complaints related to sex, obscenity and nudity had highly violated the rules of BCCC.

It is pathetic to note the outlook of these greedy news channels (websites, FB pages, newspapers too) that they have snubbed the ethics and morals of journalism as well as the society. Just for a mere number of TRPs , they are serving highly objectionable (and pornographic) content. When they failed to bring forth the reality of the dismayed world and to please the viewers, they shifted their concentration to a filthy world. This filth and dirt is direct striking the youth, especially the teenagers. They are now exposed to an adult world at a very tender age. They need not go anywhere else, they just need switch on their television sets, and here they are – in an adult world! This way they are deluding the general public as well as their own norms of journalism.
The BCCC should maintain a proper check on the content being aired on these channels. Also, they should pay heed to the complaints they receive. There should also be authority to check what is being served to readers on the Internet. This can be the only way to normalize the situation.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/farheen.jpg” ]I am Farheen Sultana pursuing English Honours from Jamia Millia Islamia and I am  interested in highlighting social issues and political issues[/author]


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