Gujrat: Upper caste does not allow Dalit student to attend school in a village

From the state of the Prime minister and the constituency of its CM Anandi Patel,a case of denial of education has been reported where a student from dalit community was denied this basic right amidst government’s full fledged “BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO” program.It has been reported that the sturdy patel community is behind this boycott and various rickshaw pullers had to face the same tragedy when it came to admitting their younger one’s in schools . The incidence has been reported from Mehsena district of Abhrahampur village. Reeta , was apparently the only dalit student in the school who reached till class 12,often found it difficult to cover the distance of approx 7 km to reach school everyday.

The Social Boycott Of Dalits
As per the reports a conflict is said to have happened between the patel and the dalit community on 7 june as a result of which 13 families of the latter were socially boycotted. The family of the victim is from an economically poor state who even finds it difficult to buy a cycle for their daughter to make it easy for the school. The patel community had not only shattered water in the dreams of Reeta but in that of her sisters too who are in currently in the 8th grade and the fear of the gruesome domination of the upper caste had stopped them to continue their education.

The Authority Had Accepted About The Boycott
Though the government authorities had accepted the truth about the boycott but the also claim that the family had used the SC ST Atrocity act in a befitting manner and that is the reason behind the social boycott of them by the upper caste whereas the sarpanch of the village claims that the situation is very stable in the village .

The Clash Between Dalits And Patels
The DSP of the SC ST cell, A.S Rathwa has also conformed with the allegations of the boycott and added that Patel community had even threatened the rikhshawpullers. however it is important to mention that the Abrahampur village has 9 cases registered under the SC ST act which happens to be the root cause of the clash between the 2 communities.

(This  is the translated version of the report published by the National Dastak)

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