Great Expectations – A Problem or not?

We expect, from our life, for our life. We expect certain number of things to happen with us that will make our life better, make us happy – at least that’s what we think when we expect. If we expect something with an aim to make us happy or give us eternal joy then why to make this ‘expectation’ the root cause of our discontentment and sadness?

All of us expect something or the other. Like- to get married, to find the love of our lives, to get into a good college, to earn lots of money, to travel around the world or maybe as simple as to own the latest handbag by Charles & Keith! It’s been said since ages that expectation is the root cause of discontentment. Then how can we even try to make this root cause of sadness a head start for happiness? There is no harm in aiming for the best thing possible. But to work towards it is the key. Hard work is the bridge that helps us cross the deep sea from ‘what I want’ to ‘yes, I have it’. We often forget that it’s the work and efforts that are the main part, and somewhere down the road we expect it from life. And that’s where the not so expected child is born- when life has something totally different stored in for us. Talking to a friend made me realize that it’s us who have the solution to the problem. My close friend is suffering from a depression from not getting into the expected college because of low marks. But realized it much later that it was she who had worked less and focussed more on imagining things and expecting life to give it. Had she really wanted to achieve something, she would have picked herself up and made another try. It was the expectation that made it worse to digest the fact that her dream is broken.

Expect for the best but be prepared for the worst – that is the golden rule.The best way is to live happily and work towards your aim and leaving rest to the universe to work out in your best favor. If things are meant to work out your way then it will and even if it doesn’t then just remember that yes, life is a rocky road and you have to let go of what you couldn’t get and accept what you’ve got.

[author image=”” ]Aditi is currently pursuing law from IPU. Reading books and writing is her ultimate getaway from the world.[/author]

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