Absolute Rebellion against the Privatization of India’s Higher Education

Since the Modi’s administration has started, numerous, scheming plans are being established. From Choice Based Credit System to UGC’s removal of non-net fellowship, we can consider these things as types of political manipulation and economic sabotage. First, the reformation of India’s Higher Education is a political manipulation because the government controls the allocated funds and the governance of education’s uniformity. Second, it is an economic sabotage due to the WTO’s Ministerial Conference wherein the Indian government will propose a so called “Big Change” and a “Good Prosperity” development for the India’s economy. Beneath the high ambitions of the government, students and teachers across different Indian states are joining in the massive protest. Their purpose is to oppose the critical plans of reformation.
There are students who are injured and detained but their integrity stand still. The rebellion against the crack-down change is getting more intensified. We can see that privatization will exist in public-funded universities if the government presents its deal in the said conference. It is frankly illustrated that many students won’t be able to study their college degree, masters degree and even doctoral degree. More and more supporters from South Africa and other countries are reaching up to show support to the Indian society. This support can strengthen each and every Indian citizen in struggling.
Inside India, many students and teachers didn’t worry about the consequences but they move forward to solidify the rights for equal education. Privatization has already been seen by every naked eye for it was informed that eight percent (8%) off the allocated funds for Higher Education has already cut off. Therefore, students are moving to crack down the government and the UGC’s intentional, repulsive actions. Every purpose of rebellion has driven with motivation and dedication. Love for education is the reason why we live and fight for the sake of others. Each one of us steps into risky battles just to grab equality and justice from the bad hands of politicians

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Chelsea-Flores.jpg” ]I am Chelsea Flores from Philippines. I am sensitive towards issues of education and deeply worried about the quality of higher education. My aim in life is to be a writer. I love helping people and making friends[/author]

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