First day of Commonwealth Games:India assured two medals

Judoka Navjot Chana and Sushila Likmbam today reached in the finals of their respective categories assuring two medals at the Commonwealth Games  for India on 1st day.
In the men’s 60 kg weight category Chana entered the final beating Daniel Le Grange of South Africa in one minute 51 seconds only.Chana had to fight hard in the quarter-finals when he beats Brandon dose of Wales in three minutes 49 seconds however in the first round for defeating Australia’s Tom Pappas he took five minutes.

In women category of 48kg Manipuri Judoka Sushila Likmbam  made ​​it to the finals  beating Rainer T of Australia in the two minutes 23 seconds,. Sushila bagged two Vjaris which are equivalent to an ippon.Earlier in the quarter-finals She defeated Amy Meyer of Australia in two minutes 38 seconds and defeated  Mani Medja Effie of Cameron in a minute 41 seconds.

Two other Indians Kalpana Thodam  (women’s 52 kg) and Manjit Nandl (Male 66 kg) are also in the race for the bronze medal . They lost in the quarterfinals but they managed to win  in  Repashej and kept themselves in the race for the bronze medal.

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