FIR filed against “Bois Locker room” group created by South Delhi boys on Instagram

The social media saw screenshots of horrendous conversations where teenage boys from South Delhi schools were conversing and nominalizing about rape and sexual objectification of underaged girls on the social media platform known as Instagram. The Delhi police have filed an FIR complaint against this online group known as “Bois Locker room”.

The social media platforms saw an outrage among the users after conversation screenshots were posted online. It had a bunch of boys in it who were sharing and circulating pictures of girls, they were also discussing heinous and toxic things like rape and sexual harassment that they would do to them if and when presented with such an opportunity. The members of the group were found to be students of schools of South Delhi as young as 13 years sharing and commenting on photos of underage girls.

The Police cyber cell has registered FIR  under section 465 (forgery), 469 (forgery for purpose of harming reputation), 471 (using as genuine a forged document or electronic record), 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) and section 67 (publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form) and 67A ( publishing or transmitting of material containing sexually explicit act in electronic form) of the IT Act told by DCP Anyesh Roy.

The Delhi Commission of Women has issued notice to police demanding its report and actions about the case by May 8. The commission also issued notice to Instagram, stating that an online platform is being used by miscreants to share and plan illegal acts of raping minor girls. The notice has also stated that the members have been discussing techniques of gang-raping minors.

Social media platforms have been bombarded with furious reactions to these screenshots and a campaign has erupted on twitter #MeTooIndia a movement against sexual assault gaining global support and urging that there is dire need to address the rising issue of toxic masculinity. The #MeTooIndia movement gained momentum and saw many retweets condemning the actions of the group chat and members of the “Bois Locker Room” the online group on Instagram. The tweet reads “Tell us again how hanging four rapists in a day was supposed to strike fear in the hearts of men and boys? States can hang all the rapists they want, #boyslockerroom will continue unless the root cause of patriarchy, entitlement, and toxic masculinity is addressed.”

Toxic masculinity refers to certain cultural norms that cause harm to society and as well as men themselves and this is one such case of toxic masculinity. Misogyny is deeply rooted in our society and hence it is the responsibility of society itself to call out these kinds of problematic behavior in men. It is time that men start standing up for women and prevent these kinds of horrific behavior.

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