Federation of Central Universities’ Teachers’ Associations (FEDCUTA) gets new office bearers

As a follow up of the decision taken at the National Convention of the representatives of the Central University Teachers Associations held on 3 March 2015at Jamia Millia Islamia, a meeting of the National Executive of the FEDCUTA was held on 4 April 2015 at 11 am at the Jamia Teachers Associations Office, JMI, New Delhi to elect the office bearers of FEDCUTA.

The Presidents and Secretaries and representatives of 11 (eleven) Central Universities, namely AMUTA, DUTA, JTA, JNUTA, IGNOUTA, NEHUTA, TUTA, MIZUTA, UHTA, CURTA, RGCUTA and PUTA participated in the elections. Letters pledging support were received from 4 Central Universities. The elections for the office bearers of FEDCUTA, which are long overdue as the last elections were held in 2011, were conducted as per the Constitution and the following were elected unopposed with tenure from 4 April 2015 to 31 December 2016:
1. Nandita Narain from DUTA as President
2. Hamid Ali from AMUTA and Vanlaruata Rensi from NEHU as Vice-Presidents
3. Sachidanand Sinha from JNUTA as General Secretary
4. Badshah Alam from JTA as Treasurer
5. ND Reddy from Pondicherry University TA as Joint Secretary
As per the FEDCUTA Constitution thereof the President, Secretary and Treasurer are to be elected from among Delhi based Central Universities Teachers Associations whereas the two Vice-Presidents and Joint Secretary are elected from Central Universities outside Delhi.
Contrary to some reports appearing in the Press, it may be clarified that the FEDCUTA Constitution has not been amended so far and is available on its website www.fedcuta.org. The elections held in November 2011 are in complete violation of the present Constitution.
The newly elected office bearers and the National Executive meeting resolved to make all efforts to strengthen the FEDCUTA by bringing teachers associations from the newly established Central Universities into its fold. Members also stressed the need to intensify the joint struggle of all teachers associations to address the challenges facing higher education today. A detailed Charter of Demands was adopted at the meeting.

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