Effective Ways to Prepare for IAS Exam 2019 at Home

IAS exams are one of the main competitive exams held in India. The exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to various government portfolios. As such, there are many aspirants each year who appear for the exams. Cracking civil service exam is the dream of every Indian as it not only offers job security and benefits but a chance to serve the public.

That being said, the common question that we come across is “How to Prepare for IAS?” However, that question might be too general. Now times are changing and we are seeing new preparation techniques and so on. The resources are now easily available and there are apps for smartphones that provide study material which could help students to crack the exam. In fact, candidates who are beginners can start their IAS preparation right from their homes. While coaching in an institute is an added bonus but IAS preparation from home is being taken up as a good approach and strategy by many, these days.

So, in this article we will be dealing with the complex question of How to begin IAS exam preparation at home? We will discuss various ways to start UPSC exam preparation below.

Mental and Physical Preparation

The first thing you can do while preparing for UPSC at home is prepare mentally and physically for the examination. Be positive, determined and at the same time take care of your body. Eating healthy, exercising and getting enough rest is important.

Learn About IAS Exam

It is very essential for you to know or learn about the information related to the civil service examinations. You will need to learn what the IAS exam is about, the eligibility standards for the exam, IAS syllabus and the schedule for the exam. So once you have gathered all the knowledge you will or you should develop an integrated approach to IAS preparation.

Get the Right Resources

Planning is not only enough though. Preparing for IAS from your home means you need the right resources especially IAS books or you can even download apps like BYJU’S that will help you to eventually crack the exam.

Be in Touch with the Current Affairs

Developing a habit of reading newspapers, magazines or watching news is important as it will help you be in touch with current affairs and be aware of many things. There will some questions based on current affairs.

Plan for Ahead

Now that you have started preparing for IAS from your home it is important to plan ahead on how you will effectively cover the entire syllabus and subjects. Prepare a schedule so that you have enough time for revisions and that you are fully ready for the exams.

Check Yourself


Even though you have studied everything, your preparation will not be complete unless you test your knowledge. So attempt mock tests on IAS exam pattern and you will be able to identify how well you have prepared. If there are any weak areas, you can work on perfecting it. Practice makes perfect they say and with several attempts with mock papers you will be able to learn proper time management and develop skills to tackle any negative marking.

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