DU Teachers’ Association termed the act of calling police by administration a “cowardly act”

The Delhi University Teacher’s association alleged that University called the police to prevent them from campaigning, as to accumulate support for evaluation boycott. It is also reported that two professors sat outside the Vice-Chancellor’s office to express their anger.

The new faculty reservation system is been majorly responsible for this protest. However, there are some other issues as well which has taken place for a month now. The two professors who demanded a DUTA meet and sat outside the vice chancellor’s office are Dr. Rajesh Jha and Dr. A. K. Bhagi. Apart from being a professor, they are also elected members of the Executive council.

The act of calling the police by DU administration was being criticized a lot and termed as “ cowardly act” by the teacher’s body  to prevent DUTA teams campaigning at evaluation centres.

They claimed that principals of colleges along with DU Examination Branch have been pressurizing guest and ad-hoc teachers to report for evaluation. Earlier, there was also a buzz that there will be “massive hunger strike” on 30th June.

The DUTA even stated that the DU VC has resorted to tactics of tormenting and enforcing against the most vulnerable sections of the teaching community, instead of resolving the crisis by communication.

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