DU Introduces Research without Barriers Initiative

Delhi University was recently accorded Institute of Eminence (IOE) status by the University Grants Commission. IOE was a scheme started in 2016 where the government identified several public and private higher education institutions. The institutions awarded IOE will be given more grants and loans so as to help them become world-class teaching and research institutes.

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Under the IOE, Delhi University has come up with the Research Without Barriers Initiative. Under this initiative, people from any professional, educational, or economic background can sell an idea of theirs. If the idea is under the science domain and is accepted, a maximum duration of four years will be provided to the project. If the idea comes under the arts, mathematics, social sciences, applied social sciences, humanities, commerce, management, education, and the law will be given a maximum period of 3 years.

The University will be sponsoring all accepted ideas for the next four years under the IOE tag. This move is a unique way for people to come up and share ideas even if they do not come from traditional intellectual backgrounds and degrees.

The Vice-Chancellor of DU, Yogesh Tyagi in a statement to TOI says “This is a unique experiment to tap talent. DU has a huge responsibility towards the nation; its resources and expertise shouldn’t be restricted merely to its students and faculty. This initiative will widen the catchment area, change the way research is perceived and carried out and will democratize the arena.”

This move could have great potential for India and the economy as it will allow all people to come up, sell, and share their ideas to DU. If it works out smoothly, it will be a great platform for entrepreneurs to rise and shine, even if they do not have fancy degrees. The aim of the initiative is to improve the growth of the country and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in people in the next four years.

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