Dinesh Singh – a despotic Vice-Chancellor

Two years ago, I started to sensationalize everything within Four Year Undergraduate Programme including statements and actions of the Delhi University’s vice chancellor “Dinesh Singh”. Everyone said that he was a fast thinker and an inconsiderate person. It was because he proposed to implement the Four Year Undergraduate Programme whose purpose was to ensure better quality education to undergraduates under FYUP.

In the first, FYUP could have brought interior damages to Delhi University’s reputation but for him, it was nothing. All what he cared was his own sake as well as his lackeys. In fact, the meeting between teachers and the VC turned into a hot, flaming disagreement. It was caused by his persuasive, unstoppable desire in continuing FYUP throughout Delhi University.

According to his message, he subjected the good, prosperous impact of FYUP including the inspiration from philosophers. However, the economic status had never been running up to reality due to increasing amount of payments which were being obligated from students. The stiffness of his mind has made students and their parents against him and his plans.
gcIn the beginning, many students protested against FYUP but still he didn’t care about it. Few months later, MHRD took actions seeing the rising anger of students to discontinue the said programme. It was stated that FYUP has been abolished under its decision on June 27, 2013.

On countless times, the VC took so many fast actions without any consultation from anyone thus creating conflicts and harming the internal democracy within university. The committee which was the decision maker was neglected and role of the teachers in decision making was snatched.

All in all, his way of governance has created limitations within students to find out their capabilities. In every financial plan, he used to put the public funds within the short-term usages. It was explained that he purchased the materials like LAPTOPS to indulge students in appreciating his efforts.

Finally! His five years of governance has ended. Students and teachers were delighted and satisfied that his despotic governance got disappeared from the university. Twenty-eighth day of October was a day of grand celebration for Delhi University Teachers’ association and Student organizations because he was gone.At the end, students and teachers have recently achieved their goal. Thus, let’s hope that there will be a kind-hearted leader who can understand the decisions and situations socially, economically and morally.

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