Blaming the education scam : 3 women students victimized to death

Reconstructing the mishappening, they were told that the three girls took an abrupt leave from an ongoing lecture and left the campus. Heading towards a banana plantation, they jumped into the well. Known for its ‘educational scams’, the college is now scarred by such grave mishappening. Plotting its reasons, as reported to TNM, the college isn’t functional and professors are a rare appearance, added to that is the fact that the strength also decreases with every batch. Secondly, a reduced receipt of money is given to students in comparison to what they invested. As reported to TNM, Anbazhagan spent more than 6 lakhs but received a mere amount of Rs. 55,000.

Moreover, having a structure similar to that of a primary school, a large number of people are fitted into the small rooms, creating problems of sanitation and food as well. A similar incident had also been reported the last year when protests were hurled up in agitation, after consecutive attempts of suicide by some students. As reported by Anbazhagan, Monisha felt suppressed under the heavy loans that her family had taken upon themselves to educate her which apparently lead her to isolate herself and pile up things in her own mind. Grappling with such fears and worries, the three decided to quit their lives.

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