On April 10, 2016,it was undoubtedly the darkest day of the country especially Kerala due to the shocking , disheartening, and heartbreaking incidence of the fire accident at pootingal temple in Kollam district . There is chaos , hue , and cry everywhere and the impact is even gruesome than a bomb blast,which took lives of innocent 106 people,meanwhile on the other hand, a survey conducted soon after the accident by a local news channel  says  that 96% of the  population do not want fireworks in Temple during festivals which appeared quite sensible.

Being a malayali I would definitely say the  festivals which occurs in Temple called utsavam adds beauty , enthusiasm, pride , happiness and festivity in it. It is perhaps the most beautiful time to spend in a temple during utsavasms which adds this firecrackers , competitions,decorated elephants decorated ,chendamelam and many more items in it but then it’s necessary to think and ponder into the fact seriously that for the excitement of few hours and days, the destruction made remains prolonged. The torture faced by elephants due to crowd, sounds, often leads to accidents that kills people (which happened 2 days back in Kerala)and the  fire accident which is the biggest eye opener and a matter of great concern, has shocked the entire state and nation which was the result of extravaganza and carelessness.

Festivity is needed but not at the cost of other’s life . The issue of elephants and the issue of firecrackers is a matter of grave concern. Today we got the ultimate warning, and it is necessary that something positive should occur to curb such accidents immediately. This accident should be taken as a major warning for all those occasions which includes the need or use of fireworks.In a true sense there is complete darkness in the state and lives of all those people who were effected badly by the mishap and reports even say that out of trauma large number of people has started to shift from that place to come out of it. There is something important which one should take care of, when a population gets engaged in the game of enjoyment which includes such dangerous fire plays ,there is a need to limit the zeal and excitement and think about safety and life at first and when these thoughts find it hard to develop in the minds while engaged in festivity, life pays, trauma happens, hue and cry and chaos sustains.

Condolences to all those innocent souls who lost there lives and prayers to all those who are battling for there lives.

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