AMU Raleigh Literary Society organizes Annual Function

Aligarh, April 23: The Raleigh Literary Society of the Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University organized its Annual Function on William Shakespeare’s birth anniversary presided by AMU Vice Chancellor Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) as the Chief Guest.General Shah applauded students for their fluent use of the English language. He stressed the importance of fluency in spoken English for students in today’s competitive world. He advised students to keep their words sweet and look for the sound of silence.

 He revealed that in the past 40–years of work experience in country’s service, students and academic staff of AMU have impressed him the most. Stating that AMU students are very skilled and learned, General Shah further advised students to master spoken English for finding good jobs.AMU Vice Chancellor, General Shah also released the newsletter of Raleigh Literary Society ‘A Second Glance’ during the function.


The Guest of Honour, Professor Azarmi Dukht Safavi, Director, Institute of Persian Research, AMU said that she is thrilled to be in Raleigh Literary Society’s Annual Function. “I am happy to be a part of an excellent literary gathering in a technology savvy world where people have stopped caring about literature,” said Prof Safavi.

 “In a world moving away from literature and poetry, it is sad that soon people will forget that literature of all world languages has given us humanism and culture,” added Prof Safavi. She said that it is the onus of literature students to keep humanism alive.She urged students to achieve excellence in literature and always remember their teachers. “I am what my teachers have taught me and never will I ever forget their contribution in guiding me in the right direction,” said Prof Safavi.      


Prof Safavi stated that a major success in NAAC accreditation is due to English and other literature departments for their beyond syllabi activities. “Attending the Raleigh Literary Society’s activities and other activities in AMU will give everyone a clear idea that AMU deserved A+ Grade in NAAC accreditation,” said Prof Safavi.During the Annual Function, AMU Vice Chancellor, General Shah also distributed prizes to the winners of various Raleigh Literary Society activities.

 MA English (final year) student Ariba Zainab won the first prize in the self-composed poetry recitation while the second prize was received by Department of History student Lubna Irfan. The third prize was shared by Jibran Fazili and Sana Fatima of MA first and final years respectively. Humah Khan of MA English (first year) won the first prize for theatrical performance, while the second prize was received by Sana Fatima, MA English (final year). The third position for theatrical performance was shared by Anum Fatima of MA English (final year) and Sadra Samreen MA ELT (first year).

In the creative writing Workshop, a team led by Sana Fatima bagged the first prize while the second and third prizes were received by teams led by Jahanzeb Sarwar and Sadra Samreen.Mariam Tariq Usmani of MA English (Final year), Anum Fatima of MA English (Final year) and Humah Khan of MA English (first year) won the first, second and third prizes in the paper reading session on ‘English and Cultural Studies.’Sumaiya Khan and Mobashshir Jamal won the first and second prizes in the literary quiz while Mohd Saqib, Alisha Ibkar and Kashif Ilyas shared the third prize.


Prof Asif Shuja, who attended the function as the Patron of Raleigh Literary Society welcomed the guests. Professor Emeritus Dr Farhath Ullah Khan, Prof Najma Mahmood, Prof Rizwan Hussain and Teachers-in-Charge of the function, Prof Sami Rafiq, Dr Shahla Ghauri, Dr Aysha Munira and Dr Vibha Sharma also attended the event.  Meanwhile a duo of BA (second year) students, Abdullah Nouman and Ibrahim Qadri under the supervision of Dr Vibha Sharma entertained the gathering with Robert Browning’s dramatic monologue, ‘My last Duches.’ Ariba Zainab recited her poem entitled ‘An eternal recess’ followed by Mirza Adam singing Byron’s ‘She walks in Beauty.’   

 The joint secretary of the event, Mariam Tariq Usmani recited a sonnet of Shakespeare before delivering the vote of thanks. Sana Fatima read the Society’s Annual report. The event was conducted by MA English (final year) students Maryah Charoo and Kashif Ilyas.

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