AMP organized Job Fair for Unemployed Graduates in Mumbai

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) orgaized Job fair in Mumbai on 15  June.In job fair  18 companies came to recruit the students who came to job fair for a hope for a job.The recruiters when contacted also conveyed that they were indeed very pleased with the organization of the event and the quality of the individuals whom they interacted with. This Job Fair gave a opportunity  to the candidates to demonstrate their eligibility for vacancies in Sales, Marketing, Back office, Admin and other departments of prestigious firms.At the end of the day 235 candidates were  selected by recruiters however 124 were shortlisted for further evaluation.

AMP has repeatedly stated that the Indian Youth have a lot of potential and are very skilled, however due to the extremely competitive and difficult market scenario, many a times they are not able to connect to the industry. Such events are therefore needed on a regular basis to give these people a fair platform to demonstrate their skills and prove their potential.

Mr. Aamir Edresy, President of AMP said “The response for this event too was as overwhelming as was for its predecessors. Around 500 people turned up for the Job fair in the hope of finding the ideal job which would fit their qualifications and personal requirements.AMP has endeavored to serve this need of our Nation’s Youth by conducting these Job Fairs and many similar events in the future. We have also started conducting employability training for these young people so that they can be better prepared for future opportunities. We further aspire to replicate this model on a Pan-India scale.”
Mr. Yusuf Abrahani (Chairman, MAHADA), Mr. Amin Patel (MLA), Mr. Aziz Makki (Chairman, Educational and Welfare Foundation), Maulana Mustaqeem Azmi (President, Jamitul Ulema Hind, Maharashtra), Maulana Irfan Aleemi, Maulana Qamar Raza Ashrafi etc. were also present in the Job fair.



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