Aapka Times Merchandise

Aapka Times is launching the College special merchandise. Here is the initial designs of Mugs, Badges and Winter hoodies. Soon we will be releasing T-shirts, key rings with a range of attractive designs at reasonable prices. Call/WhatsApp at 8130238286 to place your order!
Payment through cash on Delivery and PayTM only!

Winter Hoodies

We have been providing the Best quality winter hoodies for the colleges located in Delhi.We can design,manufacture and deliver at any college in Delhi.We have Following hoodies in stock, we can undertake any customized designs and get it delivered to the customer.

Jamia Hoodies

 Price: Rs 599



Ghalib Mug

Ghalib Mug

Price: Rs 170
Exclusive Mug designed in the memory of Mirza Ghalib with his picture along with his famous sher (couplet) written on it

Jaam-e-har zarra hai sarshar-e-tamanna mujhse
Kis ka dil hoon ke do aalam se lagaya hai mujhe


Jamia Mug

Price: Rs 199
Designed with a Red Heart Along with text “I Love Jamia” on one side and Jamia logo on another side

Dayar-e-shauq mera, Shehr-e-aarzoo mera



We have three designs of badges available based on the Jamia

  1. I Love Jamia
    Price: Rs 49 Rs 30
  2. Logo with Dayar-e-shauq mera, Shehr-e-aarzoo mera
    Price: Rs 49 Rs 30
  3. Jauhar Salam-Aap Jamia me Hain
    Price: Rs 49 Rs 30

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