Aapka Times Merchandise

Aapka Times is launching the Jamia special merchandise. Here is the two initial designs of Mugs. Soon we will be releasing T-shirts, Badges, key rings with a range of attractive designs at reasonable prices. Call/WhatsApp at 8130238286 to place your order!
Payment through cash on Delivery and PayTM only!


Ghalib Mug

Ghalib Mug

Price: Rs 170
Exclusive Mug designed in the memory of Mirza Ghalib with his picture along with his famous sher (couplet) written on it

Jaam-e-har zarra hai sarshar-e-tamanna mujhse
Kis ka dil hoon ke do aalam se lagaya hai mujhe


Jamia Mug

Price: Rs 199
Designed with a Red Heart Along with text “I Love Jamia” on one side and Jamia logo on another side

Dayar-e-shauq mera, Shehr-e-aarzoo mera



We have three designs of badges available based on the Jamia

  1. I Love Jamia
    Price: Rs 49 Rs 30
  2. Logo with Dayar-e-shauq mera, Shehr-e-aarzoo mera
    Price: Rs 49 Rs 30
  3. Jauhar Salam-Aap Jamia me Hain
    Price: Rs 49 Rs 30