A Remarkable Achievement- Iran Nuclear Deal

JULY 14,2015 has become a significant day in the history of the world.On this very day Iran and six world powers-p5+1-The United states, Britian, France, Germany, Russia and China have reached a Nuclear Deal which is a historic step that would solve an over-a-decade-long stand off between Iran an the west. It all started in 2003 when Iran tried to be a Nuclear power then IAEA(international atomic energy association) found traces of enriched Uranium at Natanz but Iran clearly suspends the enrichment though it was clearly proved by the IAEA. Then in 2005 Tehran capital of Iran again resumes enrichment of uranium to danger levels which resulted in suspension of international nuclear talks.In the wake of this United states and United nations organization imposed trade sanctions on Iran but despite this this it continued with the enrichment which succeeded 3.5% limit leading to harder sanctions imposed by UN in 2006 but Iran doesn’t stop here it acquires sufficient uranium-enriching centrifruges (3,000) to produce a Nuclear bomb in 2007. Iran president Ahmadinejad in 2009 opened a uranium enriched site at Ishafan and another secret enrichment facility was discovered at Fordow which further increased the tensions in the world of a nuclear bomb being made by Iran but Tehran enriched uranium at 20% at nataz in 2010. After all this European union imposed a permanent embargo on Iranian oil resulting in a big shock for the Iranian economy and IAEA also says Iran’s nuclear programme is a threat to the world as it may have military dimensions in 2012 and then the Iran economy was cut off from the world and was crippled by the fianancial sanctions imposed by USA,UNO and EU but slowly international talks resumed between Iran president Hassan Rouhani and Us president Barack Obama about the nuclear deal but in May 2014 talks between the six world powers and Iran begun in Vienna which would resolve the nuclear issue and after one year of brainstorming finally the deadlock was broken and finally a Nuclear Deal was reached on 14th July 2015 under the terms of the deal sanctions imposed by the U.S., the EUROPEAN UNION and the UN would be lifted, in return for Iran agreeing to long term curbs on its nuclear programme but all of Iran’s nuclear facility would be allowed to continue operations.Tehran has also agreed to a “snap-back” mechanism,under which some sanctions could be reinstated after 65 days if it violated the deal also a UN weapons embargo would remain for five years and a ban on buying missile technology for 8 years but the deal is important as it has led to rapprochement between Iran and US which has led to the starting of diplomatic relations between the 2 countries as well which have been enemies for the long time but Iran and US cooperation is also needed in fighting the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. So if Iran and the big powers continue to show the will and the commitment they have demonstrated during the talks,the goals of the deal will be achieveable which would be a great news for the whole world because till now countries like Japan which was destroyed by the nuclear bomb are still facing its effects. So this deal would certainly result in a more peaceful world for the people to live in.

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