6 essential things to follow this Ramadan

The moon has declared the arrival of blessed month of Ramadan. And everyone is bugging up faster for their prayers and the first fast. Around 1.6 billion Muslims around the world are going to observe fasts for a month, abstaining themselves from food dawn till dusk, smoking, drinking and intercourse for the entire month.

Ramzan is not just a holy month, it’s a way to detoxify the soul and to move closer to healthier habits. “It’s all the perfect time to reboot our system, restate our convictions, spiritually, physically & mentally.” Writes Dr. Saba Aslam. This month paves a way for Muslims to detach from the worldly pleasures to attain taqwa, (Arabic term for God- Consciousness) Abstaining and curbing desires and dealing with patience leads to the purification of the soul. The month binds the rich with poor as plates of Iftaar are shared amongst them and Alms which an important part of Ramadan is distributed amongst the poor.

It’s scientifically proven, taking less fluid for a period of 30 days does not leave a negative impact on Human Body as well reduction in food intake causes the body to lose fat. However, keeping important healthy habits during Ramadan is also essential. As Ramadan is about fasting and not feasting. Here are few things to do in Ramadan, read Dr Saba Aslam’s advice.

1. Suhoor or Sehri:

Meals to be taken half an hour before the sunrise is an essential part, here, people tend to take heavy meals which disturb them throughout the day,
Dr Saba says “For sehri always take Banana always, as it takes away the craving and does not give hunger pangs.”

2. Be Grateful

Prayers and reciting Quran (The Holy Book) are not enough, be thankful, be grateful for each and every blessing you have. Value your time over everything and everyone.

3. Iftaar

The time after sunset when fasts are broken. Don’t be in a hurry, as office hours and traffic Jams came in the way, don’t break your fast with anything coming your way. Break your fast with Potassium and fibres filled dates. Avoid oily food.

4. Exercise

Ramadan doesn’t detach you from your daily exercise routine, do follow it at least be in touch with yoga (Ashtanga yoga and cardio) would keep your parameters in check.

5. Detox

Ramadan is a detoxifier of Human souls, though in this scorching heats they are many detoxes like orange, carrot, celery, grape, fruit and ginger. Then next is watermelon and mint. Green apple, kale. Spinach and Ginger with lettuce and cucumber lime. These are few detox which is good in Ramadan

6. Salads

Salads are healthy and as well less time consuming as compared to other recipes, choose salads over fry stuff. My favourite is Quinoa salad.

Stay Blessed, be Humble, be grateful and be healthy for the entire month.

Have a blessed Ramadan!

Dr Saba Aslam is a renowned Gynecologist, a yoga trainer, a nutrition expert and a make-up artist.

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