As we’re nearing the New Year countdown with the season providing the basic drama, it’s time to let go of all that was of yesterday and welcome the New Year with a blast. So keep the playlist updated, bottles down the cart and dazzle it up with food and bonfire. Read through, the show must go on ! J

#1 TO BID A HAPPY FAREWELL TO THE YEAR GONE BY: To all the broken promises, unsuccessful endings, tears and failures, we brush it up and throw it down the bin by partying out loud. 31st December of each year should actually be the best day of the year when you can pile up the entire load and throw it down, bid it a happy ending without grudges in your heart to make it up for the next year.

#2 TO GIVE A POSITIVE START TO THE UPCOMING YEAR: 1st of January must be a kickass start to a bright future ahead and so the New Year Eve party is a must on the checklist to surround yourself with people who have been with you through all the thick and thin of your life and would continue to share the same belongingness for years to come.

#3 TO GIVE THE NEW YEAR A HAPPY WELCOME: Parties are the loudest and the best celebration to welcome a new member to your life. Apparently, every year that we live out act as a joining member to the life that you’ve lived so far and celebrating the welcome would give a happy beginning of something grand, a life full of colors and smiles as one would cross a year to enter the next.

#4 TO TURN OVER A NEW LEAF: A new year would mean a new beginning of yourself, the self that you inhabit. Thus making plans to live better the next year and have some goals in mind, it’s always good to celebrate novelty with your close ones. Those who matter to your existence, or maybe just to live the very last moment of what you’ve managed to live so far.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Naina-Grover.jpg” ]Naina Grover is doing her major in English literature. She has been an avid writer, surreal fiction being her forte. She has also qualified a certificate course in creative writing from the British Council and has an inclination towards psychoanalytical studies. She is both, a seeker and an explorer with a tinge of inquisitiveness to experiment with both, life and writing at large. As a part of her personal interest, she also writes lyrics for her self-created symphonies and wishes to excel further in her endeavor to take up writing as her career prospect. [/author]

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