The ‘fight for food’ by Jamia students seems to be yielding positive results

Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi:

The ‘fight for food’ took a new turn when the administration of Jamia Millia Islamia University gave in, to the demands of the students. Highly disappointed with the deteriorating food quality of the central canteen, more than 500 students organized a massive protest in the main campus, near the canteen on Monday. The issue was not only limited to the quality of food, but also extended to the unreasonable price hike of food items, and inappropriate behaviour of canteen staff.

In regard to these matters, a delegation of approximately 200 students met with the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Talat Ahmed on Monday, 21st September. The vice chancellor reassured the students that a decision will be taken in favour of the students, considering their needs and concerns. As per his promise, a notice was issued by the administration department after two days, inviting interested faculty members and students to volunteer in ‘Monitoring Committee for University Canteens’.

The basic purpose of the committee would be to ensure good quality food and monitor the canteen on a regular basis. This step taken by the administration department is receiving positive response from students of the University. Ayesha, an undergraduate student says “Administration is doing a commendable job. Formation of this committee will ensure transparency and eradication of problems.The effort shown by the vice chancellor and administration department in this matter are appreciable and gives hope to students that things will work in their favour. Let us see how effective this step proves to be.”

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