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Interview: Writer Sanjeev K Jha’s journey from Bihar to Mumbai via Jamia to make ‘Jabariya Jodi’

Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra’s film ‘Jabariya Jodi’ has been released. It’s one of the most awaited films of people because Parineeti and Siddharth will be seen sharing screen together for the second time. Earlier, Siddharth and Parineeti have appeared in the film ‘Hansi To Fansi’. The songs of the film are already a hit. The film ‘Jabariya Jodi’ is based on the kidnapping of grooms for forced marriage in Bihar.

The film’s writer, Sanjeev K Jha, a 30-year-old film enthusiast, belongs to Bihar and also an alumni of Jamia Milia Islamia, is making his debut with this film. Sanjeev K Jha shared his thoughts and his journey with Aapka Times in a interview with Chandni Mishra.

Tell us about your journey from Bihar to Mumbai ?
I did my schooling in Bihar and then came to Delhi for bachelors. I shifted to Mumbai in 2011 to start my journey.
I am just starting Bollywood’s journey. I started writing in a production house in Mumbai. I also used to write for some of the shows there. There were one such two films which were written but could not be made or were made earlier by someone else. I Wanted to do many things, could not do it. Literature wanted to adapt, but sometimes an actor did not like literature. Then I started writing commercial films because it is the most powerful medium to reach people.

How was Jamia’s experience for you and how did it help you to be a Writer ?
I did my bachelors from Jamia Milia Islamia in Hindi literature. I met a lot of people of mass communication and interacted with them. I feel, Environment creates you. You gel well with like minded people most of the times because by interacting with them you also get to explore various fields and that really helped me in writing.

How did you think of a story like ‘Jabariya Jodi’ ? Is this story inspired by any real life characters?
The idea always comes from around. I am originally from Motihari in Bihar, so many such incidents have happened around me. I have seen many such weddings. So I used to think what to write many times. Such marriages have been happening in many districts of Bihar, especially in Begusarai. So got inspired to write from there only. I have tried to get people exposed to characters like Abhay and Babli. Have tried to show reality completely.

Your grandfather, Ramesh Chandra Jha has been a renowned poet, novelist and freedom fighter of his times, Do you think family background has helped you to make a choice in career ?
Yes ,it does help as it forms a base and you just have to connect dots to start your own journey. My father was a journalist and my grand father was a poet so I learnt “Sabdo se Mohabbat” by them. I have seen my father going to field and to do live reporting of the real life stories so even their experiences has helped me a lot.

Are you happy with the response ‘Jabariya Jodi’ has got from audience ?
Sanjeev : I am happy with the response ‘Jabariya Jodi’ has got from audience because it has got mixed response and I am happy with the response because it is my debut film. First film is always close to our heart just like our first relationship.

What other projects you are working on currently ?
I have recently done a digital film Barot House which is a dark, gripping story inspired by true events. It is a thriller story as I wanted to explore another style of writing as well.

We wish Sanjeev K Jha all the best for his future projects. We wish all the best to the team of ‘Jabariya Jodi’ and want them to get all the success on box office.

Featured Post Interview Jamia Millia Islamia

Panel Discussion: Candidates For General Secretary of Alumni Association Election of Jamia Millia Islamia

Alumni Association Election of Jamia Millia Islamia is scheduled to be held on 11th February. Aapka Times in association with MyJobAdda organised a panel discussion with candidates contesting for the post of General Secretary. We approached all the candidates for the discussion but some of them could not join us due to their busy schedule.Here we go with Video of Panel discussion.

Featured Post Interview Jamia Millia Islamia

Panel Discussion: Candidates For Joint Secretary of Alumni Association Election of Jamia Millia Islamia

Alumni Association Election of Jamia Millia Islamia is scheduled to be held on 11th February. Aapka Times in association with MyJobAdda organised a panel discussion with candidates contesting for the post of Joint Secretary. We approached all the candidates for the discussion but some of them could not join us due to their busy schedule.Here we go with Video of Panel discussion.

Featured Post Interview Jamia Millia Islamia

Panel Discussion: Candidates For Treasurer of Alumni Association Election of Jamia Millia Islamia

Alumni Association Election of Jamia Millia Islamia is scheduled to be held on 11th February. Aapka Times in association with MyJobAdda organised a panel discussion with candidates contesting for the post of Treasurer. We approached all the candidates for the discussion but some of them could not join us due to their busy schedule.Here we go with Video of Panel discussion.

Featured Post Interview Jawaharlal Nehru University

Interview : Chepal Sherpa, Councillor of School of Social Science, JNU

Chepal Sherpa is the present Councillor of School of Social Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University.He is politically affiliated with Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Student Organisation. He has been very vocal on student and social issues. He was very active in Stand with JNU movement. He has been elected as Councillor in 2017-2018 session.
Here’s a short  interview of Chepal Sherpa by Aatir Arshad of Aapka Times:
What are the challenges before BASO in JNU in context of other Left Student Organisation and ABVP?
BASO is a new organisation in JNU, it doesn’t have strength in numbers and it’s a challenge.
Second challenge is ideological challenge to create radical left space in JNU campus in front of Democratic left and ABVP. There are also many challenges according to daily issues.
What’s BASO stand on mandatory attendance policy for P.hd and M.Phill?
We reject this attendance policy as an organisation and as an individual and we demand complete roll back of attendance whether it’s in UG, PG, M.Phill and P.hd. JNU VC view of education is privatization and to demolish student activism. Privatization and Brahmanical view of education is that one student should have good attendance and good marks. JNU VC views is quantitative education but not qualitative education. Attendance is just a number but attendance is not quality. When there is idea there is quality without idea education is waste. BASO idea of education is democratic and open spaces of learning without bounds. Without attendance JNU is idea of free thinking, to crush idea and free thinking mandatory attendance has been imposed and we reject it.
In upcoming JNU students union election would BASO will contesting in central panel?
We haven’t decided yet though we contested in Councillor election previous year and we have performed. In parallel GSCASH election also we have performed well and our candidate Apeksha Priyadarshini got 800 votes in GSCASH election. Students are also happy with BASO idea and politics. As the time comes we will decide to contest in central panel.
What are your views about other Left Student Organisation in JNU who are position holders in Union?
On many issues we have come together. BASO is in solidarity with AISA, SFI and DSF on issues. We are with them on questions of attack on minority, attack on university and question of democratic spaces. We will also criticize them when we think they are not right. Our relations with other Left parties is good but we will not compromise on our ideology. BASO as a radical group is trying to make radical spaces in JNU but we will not compromise on Bhagat Singh and Ambedkar’s ideology.
As a Councillor of School of Social Science how you see education budget in Union Budget 2018-2019?
Before presentation of every budget people of India keep their fingers crossed. In education context if we talk about this budget fund cut in education has been imposed. Present government is already anti-students and they are trying to shut down government university to give profit to corporate private university. 80% seat cut has already been done in higher education. We have seen attack on JNU through media trail. Media who defame JNU and women students of JNU. JNU is anti-antithetical of fascist government of idea. Their idea of education is regressive and education privileged only. They don’t want children of workers, farmers, Muslim, dalit and oppressed class to gain qualitative education because if they come to universities they will talk about their presentation and spaces in society. In present there is 50% women student in JNU which is not acceptable by fascist. JNU is portrayed in bad light because there is space presentation of SC, ST, Dalit, Muslim and women. Present government is scared of progressive forces. They want to crush voices of oppressed and they want to hide oppression from main stream.
(Aatir Arshad is a student of Jamia Millia Islamia and currently pursuing B.A Programme.)

Featured Post Interview Jamia Millia Islamia

[Video] In Conversation with only Female candidate in Alumni Association Election of Jamia Millia Islamia

Alumni Association Election of Jamia Millia Islamia is scheduled to be held on 11th February. Around 39 candidates have filed their nominations for the various posts.Among all 39 candidates Amal Khan is the only female candidate who has filed her nomination. She has done B.A. in Economics in 2014 and further done a PG course from Jamia. Aapka Times in association with MyJobAdda.Com approached her and here is the conversation between Amal and Ali Qaisar from our team.

Featured Post Interview Jamia Millia Islamia

In conversation with Prof. Haroon Sajjad, Newly appointed proctor of Jamia Millia Islamia

Prof. Haroon Sajjad has been recently appointed as the Chief Proctor of the Jamia Millia Islamia University a university known for its cultural diversity and Tehzeeb Jamia Millia Islamia was founded in 1920 during freedom struggle by the group of nationalist teachers and students of the time. He has been the provost of the boys’ hostel for two years. Asna Azhar of Aapka Times interviewed Prof. Haroon Sajjad who was accompanied by his two deputy proctors Dr Arshad Khan and Dr Mansaf Alam.

What will be the approach of governance for you as a Chief Proctor?
I am very thankful to the vice chancellor who has assigned me the responsibility of Chief Proctor. I am glad to have a good proctorial team to work with. Our efforts would be focused to assist students as university belongs to them. We are formulating more ways to interact to keep our students connected directly with us so that they can easily report their problems in order to get quick solutions. We have an open door policy, students can easily contact us. We will not tolerate any kind of undisciplined acts. The entire university is under surveillance and more CCTV would be added soon. We are also working to improve water and parking facilities on the campus.

How do you like to see your Proctorship here in next few years?
Soon I will form an anti-ragging committee and constitute a new team with young people. My aim is to have a complete “No Smoking Campus”. I will not let students face any problem in the university and I always stand with them, however, I will not tolerate any undisciplined activities of students and strict action will be taken against them if they will be found involved in such activities.

What are the core strengths of your new Proctorial team?
I believe in teamwork my focus is to keep young and energetic people in the team who can devote their time as well can interact with students frequently. We will try to reach out to the students’ problems before they report problems to us as we did in Boys’ Hostel during my tenure.

What were your achievements as provost in the University and how will you manage this challenging responsibility?
In last two year during my tenure as a provost for boys hostel, we came up with lots of measures for students.Dormitories were set up to accommodate needy students, a Hall Magazine is always launched by us to acknowledge the students’ latent talents. We celebrated all the festivals as Unity in diversity has been the peculiar feature in the hostels. We also focussed on Cultural and sports activities for which we have organised AL Khawarism Cultural fest. We regularly visited hostels and students along with my team members. We provided WiFi and Washing Machine facilities to the students which were not there in boys hostel earlier. Another hostel for boys is under construction which will help us to accommodate more students.My team and administrative support were vital in carrying out these significant changes.

Well, I do not see being a proctor as a challenging responsibility as I was the proctor in Meerut College for 5 years, which is a renowned college, things here and in Meerut are quite different but nevertheless, I will hold my ground without compromising with my duties.


Campus Celebrities Delhi University DUSU Featured Post Interview

In conversation with Priyanka Chhawari; How she became VP from a student activist in DU

Priyanka Chhawari, who is associated with ABVP has been recently elected as the Vice President of Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU). She has done her graduation in Mathematics from Lakshmibai College , University of Delhi, and currently pursuing her M.A in Buddhist Studies from Dept. Of Buddhist Studies, DU.She promises to take a special care of physically handicapped and girl students in Delhi University.
Here is an interview taken by Ananya Goel from Aapka Times .
priyanka-chhawariHello, Priyanka. Congratulations to you and the whole team of ABVP for such a great success.

So, what do you feel when you have become the vice president? What strategies did you use to win the elections?
Thank you so much Ananya! It really feels good when your hard work pays you this way, I have been associated with the ABVP from 2011, struggling for students’ welfare, raising issues and continuously fighting for the student community! I had established myself as a student leader through the activism developed by my organization ABVP , student to student reach was my priority and that’s what I did , enlightened students about ABVP’ s agenda and that’s how we won the confidence of the students and hence the DUSU election.

We have seen posters of *Priyanka Chopra* all around the north Campus indirectly promoting you in this DUSU Poll. What’s your take on this?
I saw the posters of PRIYANKA CHOPRA all over Delhi and would like to wish her all the best for her representation in the Emmy’s Awards , also I would like to mention that her posters were nowhere related to my election campaign , my posters mentioned clearly  ABVP CANDIDATE FOR DUSU VICE PRESIDENT – PRIYANKA !

Do you think Delhi University is lacking something to give the students a better experience studying in number one university all over? If yes, what are your plans?
Yes, there are little things that I look forward to do. Personally, I would focus on introducing societies for blind and physically handicapped students and constructing pathways for the same. Giving north campus new looks by putting the map of the campus near metro and recognized place. Creating awareness session about the women security app – I FEEL SAFE, launched by ABVP, in every college. Providing health cards and making medical rooms functional in every college. Printed mark sheets will be made available for students after every semester.

As a female office bearer of DUSU, what will be your approach towards empowering the female population of the university?
Women Empowerment has always been a priority for the ABVP and if I talk about DUSU 2016, encouraging women candidates to take lead in the election was very evident. We launched the Women security app in collaboration with Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust and MSAI and in continuation with this; we will be organizing awareness sessions in every college relating to this app. Self-defense courses to be made mandatory in every college. We will focus on making women hostel in every college, PCR vans with women constables be deployed in front of every college.

What motivated you towards student politics and who supported you through the long run?
My parents have always been a great support, especially my mother; she is the one who always encouraged me, motivated me to become the best and serve the humanity. My father is my inspiration, I have seen him working, taking tension of people and that’s what inspired me to be like him. My organization – ABVP groomed me into what I am today. The kind of activism and exposure one gets through the activities of ABVP is commendable. I would like to thank ABVP for giving me this opportunity.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years in the field of politics?
DUSU is a platform and opportunity for me to establish my personality strongly and as far as politics is concerned, it’s a stepping stone and I will work hard for the student community, I want my work to speak and become a milestone for me. In the coming five years I will be studying only, so I will be happily working as a student activist.

How do you manage your studies with politics?
I have been working with ABVP as a student activist from last five years, I did mathematics honors and I think it all depends on what’s more important at a particular time. So I give priority to what’s important and need to be in movement and that’s how I manage my studies with activism!

What message would you like to give to all the young student leaders out there?
My message to all the student community – What you do makes a difference, you have to decide what kind of difference you have to make! So be confident, be bold, be responsible and be accountable!

After reading her interview, DU students must have many expectations with her and ABVP and we hope they Priyanka would definitely fulfill these expectations and much more.

Aapka Times wishes her and her whole team best of luck for future undertakings.

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Featured Post Interview Ruhani Sethi Sports

Exclusive Interview with Divya Singh- Former Captain of Women Basketball Team

Divya Singh, born on 21 July, 1982 is a former captain of the Indian National Women’s Basketball Team. Singh led the Indian women’s basketball team at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. She is known for her game skills, leadership qualities, academic strength and personality. She has done Sports Management at the university of Delware, Newark, Delaware, in the year 2008 to 2010 and worked as an assistant Women’s basketball coach for  UD. 

She comes from the Varanasi’s “Basketball family of India” whose four out of five sisters have either played or playing for Indian national team. Her sisters Prashati, Akanksha, and Pratima have represented Indian National Women’s Basketball Team. Together, they are known as Singh Sisters.

Here are some of the excerpts from the interview that he had with her.

Ruhani (Aapka Times): You have been the former captain of the Indian National Women’s Basketball Team, you are a post graduate in sports management and now also a basketball coach. How has been the journey till now?

Divya Singh: Basketball has given me everything. Everything means everything. If I studied, I could play basketball. My father was very strict. So, basketball gave me the strength to study also. Because the kids who play some sport, don’t study much, no? So, I could go to US and study and we were serious about studying while playing also. I have done my post graduation in Sports Management. Basketball has given me everything. I have not only studied there, I have also coached Women Basketball Team and CLSS Level 1 which is why I have a little more experience in coaching. So, my experience in coaching skills is what I have got from US to continue my career as a coach.

Ruhani: At what point did you realize that being a professional basketball player is a real possibility for you?

Divya Singh: No, I actually feel that we didn’t know why we were playing. It was just for fun sake for us. We played with full dedication and it worked out eventually. Our hardwork paid off. Then, we got a passion to play for India, to perform for India. I stopped playing in 2007 and recame in 2011. So, when I started playing, we were at Level 9, and then, we reached to level 1 and came fifth which is a very big thing because we have China, Korea, Japan and many more nations.

Ruhani: Was your family always supportive of your ambitions as a player?

Divya Singh: See, nobody knew what we wanted to do. My mom always said- “whatever you do, do it with full passion, hardwork and you’ll succeed.” My father wanted us to take professional jobs or related stuff. So, we were studying also. Today, I am happy beacuse Basketball has given me everything. Everything means everything.

Ruhani: What all do you enjoy apart from basketball?

Divya Singh: I like dancing, singing. I love painting also. Also, I love going for rides, long rides. And I love to sit at India Gate at night, talk to my friends, family. We all go there. So, these are some of my hobbies.

Ruhani: Not only you, four of your sisters too are in the Basketball team. So, was anyone the inspiration for all of you?

Divya Singh: No, my eldest sister, she was the first one who started playing. She used to be very good state player of Uttar Pradesh. She was the one who encouraged us to play. Her name is Priyanka.

Ruhani: What has been the best strategy to really motivate your team to play hard and well?

Divya Singh: According to me, when you feel good, when you have no compulsion to play, then, you love what you play. So, hardwork automatically follows. This is the only strategy to play hard and well.

Ruhani: What are your future plans and aspirations?

Divya Singh: I am starting my Basketball academy with my friend. So, we want to produce very good players. I really want to start my own academy. So, that would be my next target in the future.

Ruhani: What message would you like to give to the youth who want to take basketball as their profession?

Divya Singh: See, basketball is a very fantastic game. It really involves concentration, speed, jump, whatever you can think of as an athlete, it includes everything. So, i would not say that you should take basketball as a profession. even if you don’t want to take basketball as a profession, it is a wonderful game to play. So, everyone should play basketball and enjoy and remain healthy and fit.

Ankita Yadav Entertainment Featured Post Interview

RJ Simran—the girl who made radio station her oxygen

RJ Simran is a household name. She has been entertaining the radio listeners of Delhi with her magical voice since many years. One of our executives, Ankita Yadav, interviewed her recently. Here are the excerpts:

Ankita– What inspired you to take Radio Jockeying as a profession? 21 years back it was not too popular to take up as a profession.
Simran– I started with Radio in 1995. When I finished my college, it was the time when privatization of the Radio took place. I noticed that the new field of Radio was emerging. And I enjoyed audio more than video. It’s easier to convey your thoughts on Radio without putting in much efforts or money. It was a more private and personal thing to do.

Ankita– What sacrifices and risks did you have to take to transform from a simple girl, Simran to the voice of Delhi?
Simran– One of the biggest sacrifices I made was to not spend much time with my friends. I came to Delhi from a small town. When my friends were partying and enjoying, I was busy with the affairs of radio. Even after coming to Delhi after 5 years, I was not aware of how to go to CP. But the biggest sacrifice has been the time with my family, as even when I was not in studio, I would be thinking about the Radio.

Ankita– If we have to describe Simran in just a word, what should that word be?
Simran– Salt, since you can’t complete any taste without salt.

Ankita– How does it feel to be Simran , the girl who has made her voice her identity?
Simran– It feels amazing. I was rejected in my first audition. They said I have a very heavy voice. It was like we went to AIR just to have fun. We were around 11-12 people so we gave audition. I was shortlisted as an experimental candidate. I was in standby.The lady who was the head of AIR that time didn’t really like me, but the other head showed a lot of trust on me. All the things got interlinked and now finally I am what I am.

Ankita– Do you sometimes feel that your voice has over powered the real you, that people love your voice but when you go out in public those people can rarely recognize you?
Simran– It does hurt. Suppose someone has called you as a chief guest, but they enter the venue busy with their affairs, and they don’t recognize you until and unless you go to them and tell them. But then there are times when you just want to enjoy yourself rather than enjoying being the centre of attraction. Sometimes you just want to enjoy your personal life. And I think that is more important. People can’t invade your private life. I think its a advantage. And moreover when I want people to recognize me, I just talk loudly and laugh; and then generally people recognize me.

Ankita– Which all NGOs are you associated with?
Simran– I have my own NGO—Speak for Change. I work exclusively for UNICEF too. I work as the official Radio trainer and partner for them. I make jingles for them across the world.

Ankita– Are you a serious person in real life?
Simran– Yes, I am a very serious and boring person. I talk only when it is necessary. I let everybody else talk. I talk with a purpose.

Ankita– It is said that you can’t write a book without a motto. What is the motto and inspiration of your book “Understanding Radio”?
Simran– There are no good books about radio. There are many youngsters who want to make their career in radio, my book is for them. It will give technical knowledge which is not easily available. I just wanted to help the young people.

Ankita– What all qualities do you think that a person must have to be a good radio jockey?
Simran– I think curiosity is a must. For example, I recently heard that Hema Malini’s car hit an auto and a young girl died on the way. The news got viral that Hema met an accident, none was concerned about that small girl. Being a Radio Jockey I would be more curious about that young girl.

Ankita– One thing your fans don’t know about you?
Simran– That I am a very adventurous girl. Although I rarely get time for it.

Ankita– What message would you like to give to youth who want to take up Radio as their profession?
Simran– I would suggest that youth today should not get overconfident. They should work on learning first than thinking about investing.

[author image=”” ] I am Ankita Yadav, Pursuing English hons from Delhi University.A girl who love reading, writing and NGOs too much. Modern by heart ,traditional by thinking. A total Indian chori[/author]