Homosexual??A strict no to you!!Well that’s called Being Indian!!

Homosexuality is an attraction or sexual behavior between people of the same sex.Lesbian is a homosexual woman and gay a homosexual man.While today it has become legal to accept homosexual relationships, many still live in the taboo of accepting this. It’s not a disease, not any disorder, no psychological problem but a matter of one’s own choice.

If we talk about how one knows whether he/she is a homosexual then sometimes it can be possible that they are well aware of their tendencies and their sexuality while it’s possible too that they get to know about the same after indulging into with someone of the same sex!

But even today in the modern world where a democratic country like India has moved ahead a lot and started following the West in almost all spheres the question which has still remained unanswered is whether we are open minded enough to accept the homosexuals??Why do they still face several social and legal injustices despite getting a legal recognition?

Well we pretty well know the answer to the same. We may or may not accept them but the problem arises when these people have problem facing their own acceptance. They fear discrimination, prejudices, abuses, are thrown out of their home and often society. They actually fear how people will perceive them if they reveal it?

Another question that the society raises is how will they survive without a partner? My response to it is why can’t they??Straight couple can bear children after producing them. But we have innumerous children in India without parents too!!Thes hokosexual couples can be equally good parents as well and many of them wish for the same too! The problem arises with the thought that can they ever be a good parent and even if they do will the child too have the same tendencies as them? NO GUARANTEE!!If upbringing is fair everything is good. The key point is the children of the homosexual parents are very much like the heterosexual ones if well adjusted to.

Today we have accepted even transgender as a different gender other than males and females. If they can be given an equal opportunity and rights then what is the problem with homosexuals? All they need is a voice and a support system to go ahead and speak out! All this might seem like a long and never ending fight but we need to be optimistic about it and stand in support! A new generation of liberalness needs to be born in India.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Pallavi-Rohatgi.jpg” ]Pallavi Rohatgi is a student of Bharati college,University of Delhi pursuing English Honours. She has been awarded ‘The student of the year’ by The Times Of India.She writes as an author on blogs and has done a Certified course in Writing under the US Embassy.She likes to take up on Social issues and Women empowerment.[/author]

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