FIR lodged against Delhi University’s professor for outraging a Female Student’s modesty

No sooner had the Delhi University classes started than the molestation case against a professor came up. According to the sources, the professor of Delhi University’s Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and sports sciences has been charged with a molestation case.

A female student of the college has filed a complaint against that professor for outraging her modesty. According to her, the teacher was usually involved in such cases. However, no one took a charge against him till now. Talking to The Express she says “One day I was practicing long jump and my T-shirt slipped up. The teacher came to me and said abhi kya hai abhi to sabka brand pata chalega( Everyone’s brand will come to know) and touched me and pulled my T-shirt down”, hinting towards the innerwear that she was wearing.

The principal of the college said that he had received the complaint like these before but no action was taken then. However, after this incident staff council has decided to put up the matter to the governing body for further inquiry.The victim had also mentioned while talking to the Express that we when she warned him, he forewarned her that he could fail her in that particular subject.

According to The Express, the professor has already failed 17 students for going against him in this case

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