5 things to do on your first day of the college

There has been a lot of fuss in the house lately about your college. Finally, the day has come when you’ll be joining it. Still, the hassle is not over. There’s a lot to think about the first day of college. Here’s what will make you through your first day of college without any confusion.

1. Get your stuff ready a night before:

If you don’t want to be late on the very first day, pack your stuff beforehand. Get your things ready the night before. Your dress, your bag, your shoes set them all in a way you need them in the morning. Make your fist morning hassle-free.

2. Explore the campus:

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Once your reach the college, explore the campus as much as you can. Go to the cafeteria, the library, and auditorium if it has one. It is a place where you’re going to be for the next three or more years so try to grasp all about it.

3. Attend the orientation programme:

All the colleges organise a series of orientation programmes for the first week for the new students. Well, to be honest, they’re quite boring but try to get through at least one of them. They might help you knowing your college better.

4. Try to meet as many people as you can:

There is not much to do on the first day. The classes take place after a week. Till then try to meet and gel with your classmates. They might not seem good at first place but they will be the only ones who you will be with during the next years of college.

5. Carry some snacks:

You might not get something in the college to eat or if you get maybe you won’t like them. So be a safer side. And who knows your snacks could get you a friend, offer one to someone and talk and be friends. Simple!

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