12 Ways to make your first date awsome

So finally your crush has agreed to meet you for a date, the first date decides the future of your relationship. You don’t know how to go about it you feel that you might screw things up well it happens to the best of US. You need to be a “player” I mean literally, you need to play with her mind but yeah not with her life! I am not saying that you should be dishonest, but you have to be playful. The article which you are about to read is based on real Experience and it works every time.
Dress up like a man
Girls now a days, look forward to a man who is settled, has vision, and is serious about life. It is OK to dress up casually, but it is advised to dress up formally as it gives an impression that you are sophisticated. Make sure your shoes are polished and Shiny, a gentleman is judged by his shoes. Don’t forget to wear a nice perfume
Reach before time 
If you are meeting for the first time and both of you have decided a spot and you are going to reach individually then it is advised that you reach the designated spot ahead scheduled time. If you are going to pick her up from my place then be there  at least 10 minutes early.
This will give an impression that you are punctual and trust me this is classy.
Shake hands and look into her eyes. the hand shake should be a manifestation of your confidence.Yes, don’t forget to smile you’re meeting your crush, not your school teacher on a parent teacher meeting. Greet her with a rose and chocolates. It might sound old fashioned but as they say old is gold! a woman’s love for Roses and chocolates never dies.
Until and unless your girl is comfortable never ask a girl out for a movie date. Since movie halls are dark and cosy girl might feel a little insecure and doubt your good intentions. It’s better you take her out to eat at some famous restaurant
The call 
Set a fake call or text your friend to call you, once you receive the call, pretend it’s something urgent, give her helpless looks but then you tell that person on the call that you’re busy. she will obviously tell you it’s okay you can meet some other time.you reply “nothing is more important to me at the moment, can’t put my future at stake for my present”
Made her blush?
Gosh man, you’re such a slayer, aren’t you?
Masala magic
If she does not have a problem eating spicy food then make sure you order spicy food, believe me the spices will linger in her head for days to come. But yeah don’t order so spicy that your eyes start watering that is not cute. Also, don’t order foods which might get Messy while eating. But yes be a gentleman, you insist that she orders.
A good conversationalist
Obviously, she is a girl she has to be shy, so you have to do the talking. If you know her from before then talk about common things related to your background for example if she is from your college can talk about the college but if you don’t know her then talk about her career, her family, what she wants to do in life etc.
By the time you talk about these things your food will be on the table, compliment her that she looks very pretty while eating oh she has a very nice way of eating don’t ask the waiter To pour water for her, you do it yourself, be chivalrous. If she wants to go to the washroom escort her (this will give an impression that you are caring) carry her purse when she is inside and wait outside the door. and if she uses the mirror and settles her hair you look at her reflection with a smile as if you lost looking at her beauty she will find it cute and blush.
if she doesn’t go then you can look at her while she’s eating and smile. if she gets uncomfortable or blushes , laugh it off and say “I’m sorry my eyes are rebellious, they haven’t seen something so beautiful ever since they got their vision”
Give her laugh-gasms 
Don’t be all serious and romantic make her laugh, who doesn’t want to laugh? If you make her laugh, she will be more comfortable with you.But don’t crack cheap jokes. Display a refined sense of humour.
Make her pay the bill!(hubby mode on)
Yes, you read that right, make her pay the bill but you give her the money saying ” I learned this from my father, he always makes mom do the payments.” Boom! this clever act will make her feel wedded …Ahan! hubby mode on! yes, player, you did that ! you made your intentions clear in a very subtle way.
If you find beggers outside the restaurant, order something for the beggers, get it packed and ask her to give it to them.(yeah tell her dad makes mommy to the charity too ;))
when the bigger prays for you, tell him to pray for you and her as you want to get married to her in the future. She will blush like never before!
this will show your generosity as women love kind hearted men; also your seriousness for her will be shown, as you mean business yeap no fooling around straight to the point!
Get her a cab 
while you are walking to get her a cab , ask her if you can hold her hands and walk (yes take her permission,she will say yes and be mentally prepared, you don’t want her to unintentionally remover her hand and make the date awkward) click some selfies please! you’re in the era of FITS(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat)
you’re my responsibility now forever
when you get the cab for her, don’t get in the same cab, you pay the fare to the driver, she will obviously resent , but you tell her sternly , “from now onwards you’re my responsibility till I breathe my last”
give her a hug and kiss her on the cheek (make it look as if it was unintentional and say sorry ) .
Don’t text her that day, you’ll get one from her yourself 😉

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