Relishing Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb Ghaziabad’s Muslim youth arranges marriage for a Hindu Girl

Remembering all those instances when Hindu-Muslim riots have shook humanity, bloodshed and violence hindered peace, surpassing all those events there are some instances when we see hope because India is a land divided by religions but united by Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb.

From Dadri lynching to Muzaffarnagar riots past two years Uttar Pradesh has boomed mainstream media with religious intolerance posts, whereas, the story of Ghaziabad’s youth who has set another example for communal harmony went unheard. These youth have set another example of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb echoing ‘Garve se khao hum Insan hai’, by making arrangements for the marriage of Anjali, a fatherless Girl tainted by daily abuses of her alcoholic brother. When there was no help, the organization extended their support and finally Anjali was married on 29.01.2017.
Anjali was a victim of domestic violence, an abusive brother at her head to beat her shamelessly, and no father to rescue her, she lost her sister over these daily trifles and squabbles. While her life was in disdain her mother found a suitable match for marriage, but the problem was funds.
These all started when Delhi University student Arif Saifi (Arif Also runs Khidmat-e-awaam Yuva Samiti ) received a phone call from a college student in January 2017, who told the abhorred state of Anjali and asked for any sort of help. Soon after Arif and his team reached Loni, Ghaziabad to meet Anjali’s family.
‘‘There were tears in my eyes when I heard the story from her mother, cruelty has many faces, and I was deeply moved. That moment we decided to take the lead.During those ten days our team found everything that could be a help for Anajli’s marriage, we collected sixty thousand approximately from personal savings and pocket money, other things were donated by volunteers as well.” said Arif.
“Real brothers of Anajli wouldn’t have made such efforts for her marriage as much as these boys have done, ‘aisa beta bhagwan sabko dein’” told Anjali’s mother to Asna Azhar of Aapka Times Dabbing her tears with the corner of her sari.
These men have presented an example of Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb pertaining unity is diversity, united we stand- divided we fall, as children we learned this as a pledge in schools. Perhaps, very few have abode by it. We are Indians first and our religion is a private matter if the rest of Indians will follow the same, it’s needless to say we will be a strong nation soon.

Here is the invitation card of the marriage



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