Son of late colonel subjected to humiliation before being granted admission to Delhi University

Not more than two days ago netizens learnt of the distressing experience that Kumar Sirohi son of Late Lt. Col. Ravinder Kumar, a DU aspirant seeking admission under the Children of War Widows Category (CW Quota), and his family had to undergo. The issue was brought to light by Anjali Sirohi, Kumar’s sister, who took to Facebook to voice her concerns. Even though he secured a seat, this instance leads to a more serious and larger question : will a candidate have to suffer on account of discrepant documents produced by the authorities?

According to the regulations, Kumar fit in the 3rd Priority, the ‘Widows/Wards of Defence personnel who died during peace time with death attributable to military service.’ The Certificate of Educational Concession was drafted by the Rajya Sainik Board. However, authorities from the Kendrya Sainik Board (KSB) were called in order for the verification of the certificates, who refused to accept Sirohi’s document while alleging corruption on the part of the ‘Rajya Sainik Board’. The KSB denied verification as the certificates did not mention the term ‘with death attributable to military service.’ Anjali Sirohi told Aapka Times, The phrase was mentioned in some certificates, while it was absent in the others. The apparent discrepancy in the records points towards the inefficiency and lacunae in the documentation process on the part of authorities.” She further added, “The ego clashes between the state and central board authorities and the lack of a uniform procedure in all colleges and universities can cost eligible and deserving candidates their seats.”

In a country where raging nationalistic tendencies are at an all time high, instances of apathetic attitudes towards families of Defence Personnel have seen a spike in the recent times. The Sirohi family is already fighting a case in the High Court challenging the varsity’s alleged decision to grant admission to two students of influential figures over Anjali Sirohi’s sister who was eligible for the seat. The family is determined in their unwavering efforts to seek justice for themselves and all those students who seek admission under this quota but have had to have their hopes crushed owing to the ignorance and apathy of the authorities.

(By: Eisha Hussain)

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