Self-growth and hope the required essentials in lockdown

The global pandemic COVID-19 has already caused an economic slowdown and lockdown in many countries. The virus has infected millions and has caused a death toll and due to this, there is a wave of disappointment and sadness among the people.

This is not only causing socio-economic problems but also a lot of mental stress is being exerted on the population. One thing which we all need to remember in these troubled times is the importance of hope among us.

It is essential to hold on to hope in these times of crises, because when there is darkness everywhere then hope is the only ray of light that will shine the way and help us enlighten.

We need to understand that everywhere people are suffering, starving, some have lost their loved ones and some are facing far more hence as humans it is required for us to understand each other’s problems and support each other, be hopeful and happy, as it is essential for our survival and self-improvement.

There is a quote by Martin Luther King Junior which depicts the utter significance of hope required for our growth – “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

This is the primary reason that will help us in self-growth, where we need to take care of each other, perform little gestures of unconditional love such as checking on friends and relatives, taking care of elderly, smiling to your neighbours while following the rules and regulations imposed by the government.

This lockdown is a good time to get in touch with your hobbies and passions that have been gathering dust all these years, it is a suitable time to practice and learn new things as this is the time which will help in acceleration of self-growth and bring us closer to each other.

Just remember to talk and express yourself as that will ease your mental health. It is agreed that it is not a productivity race so don’t do anything just for the sake of doing it, do it because of your intent to learn and make the most out of everything.

It can be assured that these times are tough and they will get tougher if we lose hope now, hence hope for better tomorrow must stay in our heart.So just smile, be happy, make these sweet little gestures and you will realize what can hope do for you as well as others.

Hope is the essential thing that becomes strong when it is unified by the trust and support of those around you, while the media is giving the facts and reports of the pandemic it is creating a stressful environment that is hurting your mental health whether you may acknowledge it or not.

We should pray for those who are less fortunate and seek to help those because it is tough times, sufferings, and this pain that we learn and grow through.

Written by: Ravi

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