The plague stricken students

Plague refers to a widespread epidemic, a destructive influx which affects us and is also destructive for our society. And this time the students, the future of our country is affected, severely distressed by this disease, this plague. And the disease is ‘inferiority complex’. Although it is spread all over the country affecting the students in many forms, ways but I will be discussing a part of it of which this disease is severely affected.

I will be discussing it in the case of so-called ‘less reputed colleges’ of Delhi University. Many students dream to get into the Delhi University, toil for it, burning their midnight oil. Some are able to get admission in the elite colleges and some are only able to make to these colleges with tag of ‘less reputed ones’. The students in the latter group don’t party after their admission. They don’t enjoy because they are told they were not able to make it, they were not successful. And with this we start suffering with the disease called ‘inferiority complex’. This is unhealthy and destructive for better future of ours and our country. It robs us our happiness, joy, enthusiasm. We label ourselves as failure, we feel somewhat less capable, decreasing our value in the ‘real world’.

We have narrowed down the meaning of Delhi University to some handful colleges. Most of the time when they say DU they mean the colleges of North campus such as Hindu College, Hansraj College, etc. and some colleges from South campus such as Lady Shri Ram College and Gargi College come under the tag of elite. The off-campus colleges are not even counted in.
Many students from the so-called ‘less reputed colleges’ adopt practices to hide their college name. Students wear the shirts with the logo of “Delhi University’ but without their college name. When faced with the question “Where do you study?” they restrict their answer to DU, it is only when further asked “What is your college name?” they mention their college name but with discomfort and fear. The fear of being judged by people on a baseless, illogical notion. The gap we have assumed is imaginary. Although there is some difference but not of that extent.

Many of the so-called elite colleges have not best faculty in all departments and this has been verified by my friends studying there. I have seen them complaining about their faculty. Then comes the issue of exposure, ECA, sports which is where the boundaries are almost non-existent. Shivaji College won and Vivekanda College ended up second runner-up in the recent Udaan-Utsav 2016. Deshbandhu College has a tremendous record in winning weightlifting competitions.

So enjoy your college, in whichever you are and be proud of it. Proud to be from Deshbandhu College.

(Written by:Ashish,a student from Deshbandhu College,DU)





































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