These new features of Whatsapp going to give you Goosebumps

The most popular and used instant messaging app Whatsapp is all set to surprise users with its brand new features as a part of its update. Android users are now able to doodle and customize their pictures with emojis before sending them to individual or group chat. You can overlay emoji to the pictures, as well as adding your own handwritten notes in various colors.New updated version of whatsapp would enable you to see the new editing and doodling tools while capturing or sharing the saved pictures in your android smartphones. However, this feature is currently not available in iOS.

Apart from the Snapchat like features, whatsapp has also launched the video calling feature in beta mode, for now in windows phone only. It hasn’t been rolled in Android and iOS but it will soon. The feature was first spotted by a Spanish website, which reported that a few beta testers were seeing video calling option in their Windows handsets. The user is given two options when pressing the call button in the app: voice and video calls. While the voice calling is already available in the app, the video calling enables the users to view the video of the person he or she has called via chat app.

Well, after whatsapp calling, video calling feature is all set to double its popularity among the users.

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