Missing JNU Student row: ABVP disrupts effigy burning in DU

At the time when the missing of JNU student Najeeb has created widespread protests from students across the country, SFI and several other left organisations went on for a protest demonstration and effigy burning against the JNU Vice-Chancellor and Home Ministry’s failure to bring back Najeeb.

The effigy burning that took place on 12th November at Delhi University’s Arts Faculty witnessed a sudden disruption when the Delhi State Joint Secretary of ABVP, Pragya Malik, went on to beat up the protesters along with other ABVP activists.
However, Pragya Malik has come up with an explanation stating that it was the protesters who beat them up and not the other way around. She also said that the protester were not bonafied students of Delhi University and they have no right to protest inside the DU Campus.
Yadul Krishna, SFI activist and student of SRCC, reacted to this saying “How can such sheer lies be spread when the whole mass near Arts faculty including students, teachers, staffs and security guards were watching her beating up the peaceful protesters. It is the ideology of the ABVP to silence up the students with ‘Money and Muscle Power’ politics. We protested for a cause, to bring our fellow student Najeeb back to the JNU campus and to his family who were dragged up by the Delhi Police.

It was Pragya Malik who came up during the protest and started to tear the posters. When one of our activist went to ask her for the reason, she asked for his ID card and was just bursting out. She then started to provoke the boys in the crowd. It’s was the girl protesters amongst us who tried to control and stop her. She also slapped on the faces of many including those who were trying to take the videotapes. The video proofs of these has been already been put up in the Facebook page of SFI Delhi University. We are going to take these proofs forward to the police and will be filing a complaint.

But this act of ABVP has to be widely and strongly condemned. This hooliganism has to be exposed. The JNU VC, who is acting as the hand-in-glove with BJP Government, has done nothing till now to bring back Najeeb. It is the collective efforts of the students that made the authorities to atleast act up. So silencing this move is nothing but to deteriorate and to misconstrue the cause of the protest as something ‘against the interest of the nation’ so that the real ‘anti-nationals’ can get away with it. For any obstruction that may come in our way, we will not stop our struggles and will continue to raise our voice till they bring Najeeb back safely.” he added.

(Contributed by: Fathima Shanavas )

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