Mindset of Obsessive stalkers as we learn from Dipti Sarna’s Case

Devender, the obsessive  stalker of the Dipti Sarna abduction case, stalked her somewhat about 150 times over an year as Reported by the NCR police. According to a famous clinical psychologist, such stalking is done by obsessive stalkers who actually plan about the event over a very long period of time before committing it!

“The very act of chasing and zeroing in on their target gives them a high. They repeat the act till the pursuit ceases to give them a kick and the fantasies are no longer gratifying. Then it needs to be acted out,” said Rajat Mitra, who has also taught in various police academies across the world.

In many such stalking cases the alleged stalker is not that successful in reaching his target to fulfill his ill intention because in real life the crowd won’t spare him if caught. Thereby he tries to gel in the crowd.

Such stalkers also tend to see themselves as victims and the girl as the cause for it in a bid to justify whatever they do. The accused stalker in this case didn’t spare himself for a single second planning and to achieve the girl of her desire. Followed her over years, planned with friends and on getting to know she takes an auto rickshaw back home, he even purchased two to meet his plans.

Devender just like other obsessive stalkers is seen to be driven by an “unreasoned passion” and was somewhere confident enough that he would be successful.
“Such behavior is generally part of narcissistic personalities characterized by a lack of guilt for their action.” He wanted ownership of Dipti at all cost.

Devender is told to be inspired from the great Historic Anti Heroes Ghenghis khan and Adolf Hitler! The alleged stalker also tried to enact the Maniac character in the Bollywood Movie Darr, Played by Shahrukh Khan. He carefully watched the movie dozens of times and tried modeling the same. On being found he even gave the statement,”I had many cases pending on me,what if a love case also adds to the list?”

Such an act, such a mentality is a part of psychological disorders and if not caught and treated on time can result in disastrous results!

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