Meet No Poster Party who is on a mission to have Paperless DU Students’ Union (DUSU)

“No paper wastage, no pizzas, no lakme kajal, if the roads are dirty with your posters we will not vote for you! ” – anonymous 
No poster party was an initiative started initially by four girls of Miranda house including Nancy Sharma, Marya Hasan,  Simran Kapoor,  Swastika Kabanda last year to ensure that the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) elections are paperless and poster free and make the campus look clean and eco-friendly.
Simran Kapoor, a third year B. A program student of Miranda house who started the mission along with six others during last year University polls told Aapka Times that “Every year there are directives from the University but no one follows them. This time we have started our campaign early so that we can make students aware &  ask them not to vote for an organization that defaces walls and wastes paper.”
NPP has been performing various Nukkad Nataks, signature campaigns, cleanliness drives and other Innovative campaigns in the campus to make people aware about the use of paper and how paper is wasted at an enormously large scale in the form of posters, pamphlets during the elections. This campaign stresses on the need to save paper as a global cause and also in order to create a more cleaner and eco-friendly Campus.
“We are not against any political party, we just want our campus to be clean!” says Nancy Sharma, a co-founder of the initiative. Sawastika Kabanda(another member), mentions that “Political parties can use other creative methods to promote themselves, like rallies, conferences,  college to college promotions, organising activities like marathon etc. as a replacement of promotions through thousands of posters”.
No Poster Party’s clear and staunch dedicated efforts are to urge the political parties contesting DUSU elections to turn to alternatives of posters for campaigning. “What’s the point of education if your mess has to be cleaned by an uneducated worker. As a sensible D.U student, its high time to tell the so called student representatives that we want them to be creative and not waste paper in campaign. We want a fair election,  says Marya Hasan (another member of NPP).
In the upcoming days the members are planning to form a human chain and move around the campus and request each and every person to save paper not only during elections but even after that and act as a responsible citizen of our nation. At the end, I would like to conclude by saying that,  the use of paper should be minimised and the environment should be made clean and eco-friendly!         ~ Jidey
~ Stanzin for AAPKA TIMES

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