Meet This Acoustic Rock Pop Artist From DU Who Is Creating Beautiful Melodies In Los Angeles

Such terrific and heart touching lyrics can only be written when there’s a close relationship between them and the actual life of the lyricist, and such a songwriter is Janvi Anand, whose songs are so profound that you’ll definitely think for one of them that it’s written just for you! The acoustic guitar that she plays impeccably along with is a cherry on the top of the song that brings an effortless smile on your face. Studied at Gargi College, DU, Anand is a guitarist,singer, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur and teacher. She had an intense interest in music at a very young age that she played with her SA – 21 Casio and sang songs. She used to be busy in many extracurricular activities in school time including sports, music, dramatics and poetry recitation; out of which she took music as her trail to success. Initially, she taught guitar to a few students in Cannaught Place, New Delhi and later started Crescendo Institute of Music in the national capital in 2012 and Musicians Institute in Los Angeles in 2015 that provides musical teaching with international standards. She performed as a solo artist in India and played her first gig at the Hard Rock Café, Hollywood. The endowed musician has also won scholarships such as the Musicianship Scholarship and Scholarship from D’addario.

The most viewed song on her YouTube channel is ‘The Girl On a Train’ which is also based on a true story, like all other songs which are inspired from real life incidents and love stories, crediting to the magic of connectivity with the listeners. She released her debut ‘Inside These Pages’ on October 1, 2015; and first full-length album ‘Faces of Love’ on March 11, 2017. Out of many musical instruments that Janvi plays perfectly, she chose the acoustic guitar which would make up for the rest of the instruments. Janvi Anand is presently in California as an Acoustic Pop Rock Artist.

Here is an interview with the musical sensation:

Who was your inspiration in childhood and why?
As a child I used to listen to a lot of Bollywood and Indie music. I used to love Adnan Sami, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Lucky Ali, all the independent musicians at the time. The first few English bands/musicians I heard where Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Bryan Adams and many more.

Did you come across any failure? If yes, then how did you cope up with it?
We all come across failures. Some are small some are big. I don’t have any specific incidence but every time you do something new or try to go out of your comfort zone there is a major possibility you will fail. So did I. That happens to me till date. I just keep trying and pushing myself to naturally adapt to such things.

According to you, what is that that a child should be taught first who’s endowed with musical abilities?
To sing or play the piano mainly, because you cannot be too young for those two things. With other instruments there can always be technical issues. But they should be allowed to do whatever they want with the instrument instead of forcing them to learn something specific. Technique is of course very important but so is space for creativity.

Do you stay away from Ice creams, soft drinks and spicy food that can lead to a sore throat or cough?
Yes I do. At least try to. I have never liked spicy food but staying away from ice creams and sodas is always hard.

How often do you practice in a day?
I don’t set times. It is a great practice but I never been able to follow it. I try and do the basic warm ups everyday and depending upon my schedule do other things.

You feel at home in India or LA?
I have been born and brought up in India so of course that is the home. But LA has made its own space in my life and heart. It’s home away from home.

What is your advice to young aspiring musicians?
Just keep trying. It’s a long and hard journey. But you just have to keep going. And you can never know it all. Keep learning all your life, there is always only so much you can know.

What is the one incident in your musical journey that you will recall all your life?
My first gig in LA! It was just such an amazing feeling which taught me so many things in that one performance. I performed at Hard Rock Cafe. I had all my friends show up for support and many more came out which I didn’t expect. Plus, since I was performing in the heart of Hollywood, it was anyway a house full. I have never felt so loved and appreciated. It was an amazing experience. It showed me how far I have come, how I was in the present and what I want my future to be like.

Do you have any mentor or is it all self-learned?
I have had many teachers throughout my entire journey. Even after graduating, every time I am stuck I visit my teachers for their advice. For me you need both the things in your life. Having a teacher or mentor who can guide you helps you to understand music and your own self a little faster than if you just self learn. You save time because a teacher will tell you when you are going wrong but at the same time give you room to make those mistakes. But teachers/mentors can only guide you; everything else is something you need to learn yourself. I have been teaching myself for over 5 years now and that’s something I always tell everyone.

If not a musician, what would you love to be?
I used to love sports as a kid, so probably something in that or definitely an entrepreneur. I love being at a managerial position.

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