Jamia’s Quirky side comes alive with 16 interesting Hike stickers !

India’s very own messaging app Hike has created a strong traction amongst the youth, with its huge user base being over 80% and also under the age of 25. Its popularity is rightfully deserved because of the  notable features it has introduced like fun stickers which has made the conversations and messaging more relatable and interesting and has even outsmarted other messaging apps. The hike creative team picks up ideas from the daily life of its users of different age groups, the ideas usually stem up from different facets of urban and small town lives of its users, be it from the huge number of Bollywood and cricket fan base India has, the silly and petty boyfriend-girlfriend issues of youngsters, hassles of working in a metro city, husband wife jokes or even the viewers of the fastly growing popularity of American sitcoms in India. Sometimes to make the ideas more unique they even create fusions out of it. If you are a hike user you would know well, as these stickers certainly give to boost to your creative spirit.

Universities and college campuses have been the hub of such ideas, and a recent add up to the sticker section of Hike was evident of this fact as one could see the animated versions of many of the characters from Jamia Millia Islamia. The hike team reportedly visited the college campus recently and interacted with the students, and certainly they must have got some pretty amazing feedbacks, otherwise we wouldn’t get to see such fun stickers on hike. So guys, check out the stickers and get a tour of the Jamia campus through the lens of Hike app :

  1. JSF Dharna:

    The Jamia Students Forum is well known for raising demands and issues of students. Most of the days you would see the ‘Campus Radicals’ sitting around with placards, and shouting slogans or marching throughout the campus.

  2. Chal Milte Hai:

    Central Canteen is every student’s ‘adda’/corner. Who would you not find here! Even the lost souls come alive after entering the arena. Tables spilled with empty coffee cups are occupied by students who can find some piece of mind here after a hectic class schedule.

  3. Ghulistan-E-Ghalib:

    This statue of Ghalib with an open book in his hand is every Jamia student’s pride. It has got such an aesthetic to it that every person who ever caught an eye of it while entering the Main Campus gets ‘shayarana’. Well, guys know it certainly.

  4. Aleem Chacha:

    You can find food in every other college canteen, but not all of them have Aleem Chacha serving you, his funny digs and puns at the food would certainly increase your appetite. His most famous one-liner being “Ye lo Beta, Tooti” !! (Actually he means Frooti)


  5. Hygienic Café Chalte Hain:

    This match box sized canteen has got all the feels and food for the Humanities students. It toally gets them rid of the trouble of crossing the road to get a cup of tea or snacks. Phew!


  6. Is Baat Par Biryani:

    Always! Biryani is to every Jamia student as cake is to a Birthday celebration. Celebrations are incomplete without Biryani here. And yes, you can get some really delicious Biryani in the Dastarkhwaan.


  7. Chalo Ishq Ladaye:

    Jamia air has pretty much romance in it too. One can easily find quiet corners to get a little bit flirty with one’s girlfriend or boyfriend. NTB is one great meeting point for lovers.

  8. Fine Arts Department:

    Sculptures, paintings and beauty. One can find the most creative minds here, sketching in some corner to create some bewitching work of art.

  9. Junglee Jaanwar:
    They have also featured one of the most famous teacher of Jamia who teaches English in University Polytechnic and she is known to be the very strict and her dialogue “Junglee Jaanwar” is very famous in the university.


  10. Jugaad Most Important:


  11. Bewafa Park:


  12. Aaj fir se Mix Veg:
  13. Suno Suno:
  14. Udta Hua Teer Le Liya:
  15. Sutta Point Pe Mil: 
  16. 64 No. Pe Deedar:


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