“It is important to be positive in life and avoid being judgmental” said AMU Vice-Chancellor

ALIGARH November 22:

Recently National Conference on ‘Spiritual Psychology in Practice’ under UGC-SAP (DRS Phase-I) concluded by the Department of Psychology, Aligarh Muslim University

“Spiritual health depends on ‘Reciprocal’ and ‘Giving’ aspects and ‘Giving’ is more important to be meaningful in life. spirituality is to help others through giving and tackling the day-to-day problems.” said Professor S S Nathawat while delivering the Key-note Speech.

Prof Nathawat also mentioned that happiness and meaningfulness differ from each other as happiness is related with the present, while meaningfulness essentially depends on one’s past, present and future. He further urged people to be positive, have balanced emotions and relationships with meaningful life and sense of achievement.

“Mind works, when it is given strength. He added that it is imperative to know that this strength comes from belief. It is important to be positive in life and avoid being judgmental and  people should always try to be happy and they should also try to minimize their needs.” said AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah while delivering the Presidential address. He also urged people to avoid anything that bring state of unhappiness in them and at the same time to be positive in all domains of life.

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