Ex AMU Students receive death threats after the photo of rendezvous went viral

An FIR was lodged against 3 ex-students of Aligarh Muslim University and 2 other people for hurting the religious sentiments of people. The photo of the students drinking alcohol at a bar suring the holy month of Ramzan ignited the fire.

Few days back, 5 friends went to dine at Delhi’s Khan Market. They uploaded a picture of the meet on facebook and the caption indicated that they were drinking alcohol. This upload resulted in abuse and harassment.

The image was not noticed by people for few days but all of a sudden discourse erupted at the intervening night of 8-9 June. Viewers abused them of disrespecting the religious values and hurting sentiments. The picture went viral and was even circulated in University groups. Audience even demanded to hang them for the act.

The 3 AMU students are now hiding, fearing the death threat. One of the accused even left Aligarh one day after he received the death threat.  The college authorities are not intervening in the matter as according to them, this does not directly concern the University.

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