DUSU Elections: These girls may get tickets for Delhi University Students’ Union

Student politics in educational institutions is something which cannot be neglected. Politics is needed in institutions not only because it is present everywhere but to produce better leaders instead of having leaders foisted upon us because of their money/muscle power, or by virtue of their lineage. Since college politics has direct links with national and state level politics, it becomes a good launching pad for new faces that otherwise would not have had a chance to enter the political arena. Elections are very important, as a part and parcel of college activities, for the overall development of an individual’s personality and character. It must be remembered that character building is the first step to nation building and these very elections make contestation in them, more important and useful for students as well as institutions.

The Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) is the umbrella Students’ union at the University of Delhi .Most of the colleges of Delhi University comes under DUSU. DUSU elections are considered the most high profile student union elections in the country as they provide an opportunity to enter directly into local and national politics.

As far as the girls in this politics are concerned, we witness an active participation for the contestation in DUSU elections. Girls should be encouraged to participate more, as this will lead to women empowerment and more equality in the sphere of politics. A girl can understand a girl’s problem better. This will further promote a comfort zone for the girl students in University of Delhi.

This year we have a long list of girls in the race for contestation of DUSU elections. Here is a short list of them .

One of the girl is Mahamedha Nagar  from BJP backed ABVP. She has been the Head Girl for two consecutive years at School ,Vice President at Miranda House, University Of Delhi(2014-15) ,Delhi(Present) , represented India as a Youth Women Leader in USA in a program funded by US Government for about 45 days where 80 countries participated and sent their representatives out of which she represented India. (2015) , represented India at SAARC Summit as a delegate from India on the issues and rights of Minorities. (2016) and Worked majorly on the issues of Women Empowerment and Sexual Harassment.She was the Lead participant in Nirbhaya Gang Rape Juvenile Justice Bill. She even appeared in MTV RoadiesX4 a TV show in Karan Kundra’s Gang. She has been the speaker at India Today Conclave with top student leaders of India.She was also featured in top 10 most influential female student leaders of India in 2015 by the Aapka Times.

Other girls from ABVP are Priyanka Chawari and Pragya Mallik. Priyanka Chhawri  is one of the front runner to get ticket for DUSU elections as she has been very active in ABVP since last 6 years and She has also support of her father Jai Prakash Chhawri who is Vice-President of BJP in  Delhi Pradesh.Sources claimed that her ticket is confirmed for the post of Joint Secretary.She is mathematics graduate from Laxmibai College,the constituent college of Delhi University.ABVP will officially declare their candidates on 3rd September.

The other name which is very popular in DU students is Kawalpreet Kaur from AISA. She is face of AISA in Delhi University.She has been very active in AISA and leaded many protests.She is law student and studied Psychology(Hons) from IPCW college. Her research paper was accepted and published in the International Journal of Indian Psycholpogy.She is the only one girl from AISA in the race of DUSU tickets which seems to be confirmed for the election as some sources confirmed that she will be presidential candidate from AISA. Another AISA activist Amrita Queen is in the race to get nominated for the election.

Ankita Chauhan from Congress affiliated NSUI is one another aspirant for DUSU elections. She is a student of Kirori Mal College . She is one of the most influential women in the campus premises. She is a member of La Politique. There are other contestants as well like Kajal Mishra , Pragya Singh and Padmashree trying their luck to get tickets.

So, these were some of the girls who stands apart in the race of politics. This trend has worked in favour of student politics . Women’s participation should be encouraged in order to create a more gender tolerant society. So now lets see where these people will land and will they be able to meet the expectations of the students of University of Delhi , if they get the opportunity to contest the elections.

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