Deployment of heavy police force in JNU: Will it be of any great use in finding Najeeb or will it create atmosphere of increased insecurity and fear in students

JNU once again has seen penetration of a large number of the police force within the campus. The move is largely seen as the result of the orders of the High Court which seems to have demanded a “scan’’ within the campus in their search for Najeeb , who has now been missing for over 60 days.

However it is important to notice and highlight that it seems that Delhi police was waiting for the orders of the Court to come out of their deep and ignorant slumber. JNUSU and various student organizations have been demanding this since the very beginning of the movement and various calls were given for protest and chakka jam to make Delhi police responsible and accountable for their duties. However after considerable delay and pressure from the students a search operation was indeed conducted but that seemed very superficial and was only a token of further delaying and ignoring the demand of the justice for Najeeb.

It is also important to question whether this deployment of the heavy force will be of any great use in finding Najeeb or will it create an atmosphere of increased insecurity and fear in the minds of the students. The delay in undertaking such intensive and serious search operation speaks volumes about the lack of integrity and accountability on part of our Police forces which blindly seems to be dancing upon the will and tunes of their political leaders. Their ignorance and completely zero role in the beginning along with the institutional impunity provided to the ABVP members involved in the case has created further distrust among students community regarding their intensions and seriousness in finding Najeeb.

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