Day 5 of the Malhaar Film Festival was Perfectly Splendid

Day 5 of the eventful Malhaar Film Festival was all about conversations. The event commenced at 7:00 PM IST and ended at 11:00 PM IST. The first event of the day started with a conversation about Directing with Puneet Sira, which was followed by another set of conversations on Guild and Serving Indian Content Producers and Discussing a Unique Film & its Unusual Approach with Blaise Grisson.

The first conversation was led by Punit Sira, the incredible filmmaker and founder of IP content creation firm ‘The Foundry’. In his session, he made it apparent in an engaging chat how important a director’s point of view is in the direction of a film, especially in the face of opinions flooding in from all angles. He said, “You always get opinions. It is up to you what you take and what you throw away! It is a group effort while you’re making the film but at the end, it’s one person’s vision. Once you say cut! at the end of a shot, and everyone’s looking at you, you get a sense of the weightage of your role, you understand that they’re working for you! It’s about one focus. One vision! You can’t pander to whether or not other people like it. You have to be happy with it.”

The event went forward with conversations by Nitin Ahuja, the CEO of the Producers Guild of India. In his session, he talked about his firm and how he is putting all his efforts into serving Indian Content Producers. Lastly, we had Blaise Grisson a gifted filmmaker and writer, who was the ex-director of development and communications for New Horizons International Film Festival, Merican Film Festival and New Horizon Film Festival from Poland. He gave a deep insight to the audience on Unique films and how it takes a different approach to handle them.

Overall the night was as blasting as the other events of the Film Festival, which made the audience look forward to the other remaining sessions of the film festival.

This year’s film festival’s notable jury panel includes big screen artists such as Adil Husain (national award-winning Indian actor), Rajit Kapoor (Indian actor and director), Sameer Nair (CEO of Applause Entertainment Limited), and Neeraj Kabi (self-taught Indian actor and producer), who will be a prominent part of the ten-day film festival.

The Malhaar Film Festival started on August 19th, 2022 with a spectacular opening ceremony and masterclasses by some of the world’s most known artists and will run until August 28th, 2022. Participate in this great event to get an unforgettable experience!

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