AMU puts Sparrow-Boxes to save disappearing chirpy, small birds

Aligarh, September 6: Sparrows have become a rare sight. To save these disappearing chirpy, small birds, the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) girl students residing in the Begum Sultan Jahan (BSJ) Hall have put sparrow-boxes in hall premises.  

Prof Asma Ali (Provost), Dr Tabassum Chaudhary (Warden), Dr Nighat Rasheed and Dr Jamal Ahmad joined the ‘Peace Gong Aligarh’ members in the ‘Let’s Not Harm Anyone’ initiative to put these sparrow-house-boxes in the BSJ Hall premises. 

Prof Asma pointed out that sparrows are been robbed off their food and shelter due to modern architecture which is making them impossible to build nests. “These birds use to earlier build nests in holes, roofs and crevices on traditional houses, but they are now struggling to find safe corners in modern buildings,” she said.

BSJ Hall residents said that the idea of putting these sparrow-boxes is to sensitize people on the need of nurturing respect for all living beings. “We call upon all citizens to join us in the endeavour,” said S Saba, AMU Law student and Co-ordinator of Peace Gong.  

More such boxes will be put across the AMU campus and the Aligarh city, said the organisers of the initiative.

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