Accommodation problems faced by Keralites Students in Delhi

Hostels are the lodging facility provide by the Educational Institutions, for the students coming from far distances. Hostels are the place where students can stay in touch with their peers in age and thoughts, sharing the mentality of educational interests and developments. Hostels help to maintain co-opting attitude, discipline and study environment, and aid students to learn accurately using maximum time and effort.

The lack of accommodation facilities in Universities affect the students adversely. It is a fact that around 20% of the regular students are provided to stay in Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia, both of them are ranked under top twenty universities in the country.

The students from the far distant places of the country are experiencing innumerable hardships due to the lack of University hostels especially the Keralites. Flat owners charge around the 15,000 to 20,000 rupees monthly for good rooms. Even five or six students can live in one flat, the rest expenditure from the food and other livelihoods are not affordable to the students coming from the middle class.

The Keralites from Jamia and DU spend lakhs on rent for not availing the hostel facility from the University, on the same time, flat owners are also active in the surroundings of universities, exploiting these students.

Another factor is that, the availability of quality foods for outsiders is also should be mentioned. The Malayali students are become ill regularly by this kind of street food. shortage of clean water also leads to diseases. Since there are so many people who live in gullies, they have to live in this untidy situations fearing the rashly running vehicles through the road every time.
Furthermore, noise pollution affects the students’ health and study atmospheres.

Thesound pollution from the active markets both in night and day, is inconceivable.
It is quite sad to see this utter failure in facilitating hostels to the students which the country proclaims that the bright future of this country is in their hands especially this kind of esteemed universities.

The importance of the losing time consumption is the matter of discussion here in this paper. Universities in Delhi should move to host hostel facilities to the entire students.


(Written By SAHAD C ,He belongs to Kerala and Pursuing MA Arab Culture, Jamia Millia Islamia)

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